Who Rocked It Best? Celebrities That Have Opted For Short Hair

We have seen celebrities taking their weaves and putting them behind their backs and shaving off their beautiful hair to opt for short hair! There are a few that have been so intrepid and did short hair differently but they are looking absolutely exquisite and MODISH.

First fashionista has to be the always modish -Nandi Mngoma- the actress, singer and presenter wowed everyone when she cut off her hair and went all short. This was the best hairstyle to date.


Pearl Modiadie was another fashionista to take her weave and put it behind her. She rocked a more shorter haircut than Nandi Mngoma giving her that slick and sexy look. Loved how Pearl styled her short hair.


Now, here we see the Queen Of Slaying – Luthando Shosha (better known as Loot Love) – bringing in some colour to her short hair. Her haircut is certified as the hottest blonde haircut! This cut just suits her and well, she looks too hot for us to touch her.


More colour, more colour! Boitumelo Thulo (known as Boity to her fans) is seen here also following the short hair trend but as we know there has to be some discrepancy and Boity sure did just that. Rocking a ruby red dye she brought justice to this haircut, don’t you just love it?


Thulisile Madihlaba known as Chomee to her fans has transformed from everything long to something short. Here she joins Loot Love showing off her blonde haircut! Looking absolutely exquisite, she kept it simple but killing it. We love the cut.


Seeing the above list of discrepant celebrites (our favorites to date) rocking short hair were sure intrepid enough to cut their hair, would you? Who do you think rocked it best?

“It’s Just Something About A Woman With Short Hair That Screams POWER!” – Anonymous


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