A Look At The Best Of The Best At The Metro FM Awards

It was that time of the year, where our ever-awesome celebrities turn into their closets (well, some of them) and some consult their designers and make-up artists to look discrepant and of course dazzling!

The term “slay” was put to good use over the #MMA15 and well, I mean everyone was “slaying” in their own right, don’t you agree? This year is starting off with some absolutely exquisite attires and everyone was blown away (myself included) – seems like 2016 is going to be a year of slayage!

Now, since we know who always kills it at the red carpet she went all out and I couldn’t help but go totally barmy over her attires, she deserves a Slayage Award, I mean she deserves it.

1. The Woman That Slays All Day, Night, Every Year – Bonang “Queen Slayer” Matheba


Here, we see Bonang herself rocking a very exquisite piece by Chabel Karam. I couldn’t help but get glued onto the details of this out-of-the-world dress! Need I say more? I didn’t think so.


Another beauty right here! Isn’t your best revenge the dress that you wear? Looking very beautiful in this dress she kept the cameras right behind her, begging for more and as for social media, well…

2. Purple And Owning IT! – Jessica Nkosi

Jessica MMA

Isn’t this elegant? We see Jessica Nkosi rocking a purple dress that just compliments her body and how do we forget her beautiful face? Totally love this look.

3. White Brings Glamour – Buhle Samuels

Buhle Samuels MMA

White has been so overrated now but hey, Buhle surely rocked it so well. In a white number that pulled eyes and cameras. Completely in love with the look, I mean the dress that compliments everything!

4. SLIT is what I own – Boity Thulo

Boity MMA

Slit is what she is owning and man, is Boity not killing it? Absolutely in love with this dress, let the women that know how to rock a slit dress teach you how! Let Boity be your first..

5. I Rock What I Want When I Can – Khanyi MBAU


Khanyi MBAU just owned this! Quoting from her Instagram she said “I never came here to fit in, I am an accessory to this picture” and she is telling the truth. Dressed by Lloyd Hot Sense she just killed it. This is amazing.

And the gents…

1. Suited Up Is My Game – Cyprian Ndlovu


The Club 808 presenter rocked a killer suit, perfect fit, perfect everything. The hair is just way too hot. Well, being modish is his game and we love his attire.

2. I own the suit game – Lunga Tshabalala


Lunga is forever killing it. We love this attire, it’s absolutely exquisite and modish.

The above were the best of the best at the Metro FM awards that used the hashtag #MMA15, they slayed, they killed and the conquered the Fashion Avenue.

“Fashion fades, style is eternal.’ – Yves Saint Laurent”



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