[PRESS RELEASE] Mzansi’s Sexiest Blue Mbombo Signs Management Deal With Vth Season

Reigning Mzansi’s Sexiest female celebrity, model and reality TV star, Blue Mbombo, has officially signed a management deal with one of Africa’s leading Talent Management and Entertainment Marketing Agencies, Vth Season. Blue Mbombo first appeared on the South African reality TV scene in 2011 on the reality TV model search, Diamonds In The Ruff. However, it was her appearance on hit reality TV show, Big Brother Mzansi in 2015 where she managed to capture the hearts of many South Africans from all walks of life.


South Africans then followed Blue Mbombo’s journey for two seasons on popular Footballers Wives inspired reality TV show, Diski Divas, which has now earned Blue Mbombo the title of being one of SA’s biggest reality TV stars. SA’s reigning sexiest female celebrity, according to the Sowetan’s Mzansi Sexiest 2016 list, has amassed star power around her brand which is noticeable even when she enters a room as she commands attention without saying a word.


I’m very excited to be part of this Winning team. I’m looking forward to building new meaningful relationships, growing as an individual and in the industry, and of course making money” shares Blue Mbombo.


We at Vth Season are excited to welcome Blue Mbombo to the family. We have spent time in research mode, brainstorm sessions with Blue Mbombo and consulting with industry players to understand the Blue Mbombo brand and vision; we believe we are the right fit to elevate Blue Mbombo’s star power and all that she has managed to achieve already” states Ninel Musson, Director at Vth Season.


We are looking forward to our new journey with Blue Mbombo and are excited about several great opportunities on the horizon” adds Benza of Vth Season.


Blue Mbombo’s announcement of signing to Vth Season comes just ahead of the team’s trip to Namibia, where Blue Mbombo is set to present an award at the Namibian Annual Music Awards tomorrow, Saturday, 29 April 2017.


[PRESS RELEASE] Ultimate Braai Master’s Finale Is Set To Sizzle!

Ultimate Braai Master season 5 reaches a sizzling climax this Sunday, as the top three teams battle it out to claim the title this Sunday at 4PM on e.tv and eHD on Openview HD (Channel 104) and DStv (Channel 194).

Following 12 gruelling weeks of challenges, the top three teams go head-to-head in the final round this Sunday. With the Muttonheads winning a ‘Fast Forward to the Final Challenge’, Pretty Griddy, Salty Flames and Ebony and Ivory cooked for their lives in last week’s chef table challenge, resulting in the second last spot being taken by Pretty Griddy. Salty Flames and Ebony & Ivory faced off for the final spot, which Salty Flames took.
Now, the final 3 will battle it out to claim the cash, the car and the title of this seasons Ultimate Braai Master. The winning team will take home R200 000 worth of vouchers from Game, a brand-new Suzuki Grand Vitara and R400 000 in cash, a Kamado Jan Ceramic braai worth R25 000 amongst other prizes.

Voted South Africa’s ‘Best Cooking Outdoor Show’, Ultimate Braai Master took an exciting turn this year with new and outrageous challenges, including a vegetarian challenge, a high-tea cheesecake challenge and a 3-ways with Pap challenge. As the challenges intensified, so did the judges’ criteria for progression to the next round.
This season’s final challenges will be a test to the teams’ determination, cooking abilities and creativity with selected ingredients and whoever comes out on top claims the ultimate prize.

Who will win the 2017 Ultimate Braai Master title? Find out by watching the Ultimate Braai Master, this Sunday at 4PM on e.tv and eHD on Openview HD (Channel 104) and DStv (Channel 194).

[PRESS RELEASE] South African Butchers Sharpen Their Skills For The National Butcher’s Challenge

At this year’s Fire & Feast Butcher’s Festival, presented by Crown National, the carving knives will be drawn as leading butchers go head-to-head in the country’s inaugural National Butcher’s Challenge, also brought to you by Crown National. Taking place from 26 to 28 May at the Ticketpro Dome, 12 groups of six butchers will show off their Grade A skills in butchery, as each team competes to secure the title of South Africa’s National Butcher’s Challenge Champion. What’s more, the best butchers from each team will be selected to represent South Africa at the World Butcher’s Challenge 2018, held in Belfast, Ireland.

Visitors to the Fire & Feast Butcher’s Festival can expect to gain a first-hand view of the competitors as they take on three different tasks as part of the challenge. This includes deboning, the initial breaking down of the carcass into primal cuts of meat, as well as applying the finishing touches and finally preparing the meat for resale purposes.


“The participating butchers will be judged on three very distinct categories. Hygiene and safety come in at the top of the judges’ accumulative scorecards, followed by the marketability of the cuts of meat presented. In other words, points will be given to cuts judges believe would be best-sellers out in the marketplace. Lastly, the presentation and uniqueness of product formulation will set the winning team apart from their competitors,” explains owner and custodian of the National Butcher’s Challenge, Caroline McCann.

The Butcher’s Challenge was first created as a competition between Australia and New Zealand’s top butchers, but it wasn’t long before other meat-loving countries like England and France sharpened their knives and entered their leading contenders. “Now known as the World Butcher’s Challenge, it makes sense that we as South Africans, with our passion for meat, take our rightful place in the competition,” adds McCann.

“As part of the World’s Butcher’s Challenge, entrants are taken on a four-day tour by the hosting country to gain an understanding of the local meat-to-market value chain. Visits to farms and meat chains are staged and there is much learning that takes place among the participating butchers. What a wonderful opportunity it would be to showcase South Africa and our world-class meat products,” concludes McCann.


“Being the headline sponsor at the Fire and Feast Butcher’s Festival was an organic if not obvious decision – the meat industry is at the heart of Crown National,” says Dawid Muller, Commercial Executive, Crown National.

“In line with our “We’re Here To Help” philosophy, the festival presents the perfect platform to educate all meat lovers; providing a better understanding of the meat industry, highlighting the effort and technology that goes into quality meat products and how our expertise touches consumers’ lives on a daily basis,” says Muller.

Meat, in all its delicious goodness, will receive the spotlight it deserves at the Fire & Feast Butcher’s Festival. From Lamb & Mutton SA, Pork and Beef Kitchens to the SA Free Flame Championship, a Castle Tank Beer Garden, Wine Pairing Zone, and of course the National Butcher’s Challenge, the festival menu offers something for every meat-loving taste-bud.  “We are pleased to have these amazing brands be part of the Butcher’s Challenge and the event at-large.” concludes Paul Edmunds, Sales & Sponsorship Manager at Reed Exhibitions.


Be sure to watch our country’s leading butchers in action by booking your tickets through TicketPro. Prices are as follows: • Adults: R100 • Pensioners and students: R80 • Ages 0 – 12: Free.

Tsogo Sun Sprint Toasts To 55 Glamourous Years At Golden Horse Casino

Pietermaritzburg’s top entertainment destination, Golden Horse Casino, is once again set to host the eagerly anticipated and action-packed social event, Tsogo Sun Sprint, on Saturday, 27 May 2017.

The Tsogo Sun Sprint has established itself as one of the most paramount equine events on the calendar and is the only horse racing event in the country with four sprint races. From its inception in 1962, the Sprint is now toasting to 55 glamorous years. The event is highly regarded and is the oldest, biggest and richest sprint event in the country. Previously known as the Golden Horse Sprint and later changed to the Tsogo Sun Sprint, the race will now have a R3.7 million cash prize at stake for horse racing enthusiasts.

The event is renowned for attracting and uniting some of the country’s popular who’s-who in entertainment, fashion and business, as well as all round horse racing fanatics for a day filled with fun and glamour. Last year, the glitzy affair attracted over 17 000 visitors to the property and this year, the crowd attendance is expected to grow exponentially.

“At Golden Horse Casino, we are truly honoured to once again host the prestigious Tsogo Sun Sprint on our property. Over time, this event has established itself as a world-class race event in South Africa’s social calendar. Now celebrating 55 years of fun and glamour; with an even bigger cash prize up for grabs, guests in attendance are guaranteed to be treated to a night to remember” says Maureen Kivits, Golden Horse General Manager.

There are four Grade 1 sprint races with a field of the most elite horses from all around South Africa. These races offer 1 200 metres of speed, power and skill. The Tsogo Sun Sprint is an ‘open race’ for both fillies and geldings with a top prize of R1 million.

The Tsogo Sun Sprint is a day of pace and power, great style as well as a host of added entertainment options. Entrance to the glamorous yet highly competitive Tsogo Sun Sprint is free for everyone and kicks off at 10:00.  This is another great event held at the Golden Horse Casino that you don’t want to miss.

For more information about the Tsogo Sun Sprint, visit: www.goldenhorsecasino.co.za

Time To Weave Your Magic Spell, Fashionista!

Durban – With the winter fashion season fast approaching, organisers of the national Vodacom Durban July Fashion Challenge, presented by Durban Fashion Fair, have set the stage for the storyboard-based competition that will be judged on 11 May, and will once again offer excellent prizes and great exposure on one of the year’s brightest fashion platforms.

The competition is unique in that it allows an unfettered opportunity for designers from every walk of life to create a storyboard design that reflects the 2017 raceday theme “The Colour of Magic”, hoping to make the top ten cut that will then proceed to complete their outfits for the final judging process.

“The Fashion Challenge is a vital component to the Vodacom Durban July Fashion Experience, as it bridges the gap between the young and very established designers and allows anyone to enter, no matter what their fashion qualification,” said Fashion Programme director Tiffany Prior.

“At least half the entries come from outside of KwaZulu-Natal, as this is the one ‘open’ opportunity for any designer, professional or amateur, to get involved with the Vodacom Durban July fashion programme,” she added.

Prior said the competition requires the designers to design a raceday ensemble that is stylish, fashionable and encompasses the spirit of Africa’s Great Horseracing Event, The Vodacom Durban July.

“Fit, quality and finish are very important,” said Prior. “All aspects of the look – the hat, accessories, shoes and overall grooming – are very important, as this is part of the judging criteria.

“It is absolutely essential that the theme, ‘The Colour of Magic’ is followed and that the design reflects it.

“It is also essential that the entrants understand that this is a fashion competition. Stay away from anything that is too theatrical or Avant Garde and definitely nothing gimmicky,” said Prior. “However, the ‘unexpected’ will score points!”

She pointed out that the subtle references to the word ‘red’ should not be taken too literally. “This brief is not necessarily about the colour red, it is about ‘magical’ fashion and design work.

“Judges will be looking for garments that are on trend and beautifully executed, with an emphasis on being beautifully dressed.

“The design is for an upmarket raceday, not an evening event,” she concluded.

The storyboards need to reach the ICE Models office in Durban before 4pm on 9 May on the 1st Floor, Unit 6, Stadium Building, Lion Match Park, at 892 Umgeni Road. All the competition entry details are available on the event website.

The winner will receive a cash prize of R5000, the first runner up R3000 and the second runner up R2000, in addition to an extensive hamper of further prizes and products from the fashion programme sponsors.

“The real prize however is the value of the exposure that the designer receives through the media spotlight on this event,”
said Prior.

“This competition  has a fantastic track record of star performers going on to establish themselves as big names in the fashion design industry, and almost without exception, they credit the exposure they enjoyed from the Vodacom Durban July in helping build their profile and kick-start their careers,” she added.

The 2017 Vodacom Durban July takes place at Greyville Racecourse on Saturday 1 July. More information can be found at www.vodacomdurbanjuly.co.za

Benches and beyond: Taking a closer look at the evolution of street furniture

The rise of outdoor urban recreational spaces has enabled city dwellers to experience the world’s busiest cities optimally. Thanks to city gardens, gyms and other leisure facilities that have resulted from private-public partnerships, people are engaging with their surroundings and each other in exciting new ways.

One trend that has amplified this change is the evolution of street furniture across the globe. The days of benches being the only prominent fixtures has long been surpassed, making way for creatives to apply not only the latest designs, but technology to enhance these offerings and expand their functionality.

Spotlight on solar power

With the need of modern city dwellers to always be connected and have their electronic devices ready to use, the answer to this call soon emerged on the streets.

“Seat-e” benches were for example installed in Boston, Massachusetts. These trendy seating solutions with plug-points were created to harness solar power, enabling people to conveniently charge their mobile phones while out and about.

South Africans in some of the country’s bigger metropoles can also enjoy the convenience of smart benches – thanks to the Isabelo initiative. These solar powered structures offer free Wi-Fi and four cellphone charging ports.

Equally beneficial are NRG Street Charge Stations – solar powered structures that can be found from America to Australia. Driven by the passion to give citizens “clean, environmentally friendly power”, the team behind these creations fashioned unobtrusive, clean-cut devices that also offer businesses branding opportunities.

Eco-friendly excellence

The Water Bench took bench design even further. Lauded as “the first prototype in a series of water-conservation solutions”, it was developed by MARS Architects in collaboration with the BMW Guggenheim Lab in Mumbai. The Water Bench, provides both a seating solution as well as a vessel for collecting rainwater during the rainy seasons that could be used to irrigate smaller gardens during drier periods.

Although not necessarily seen as street furniture, but nevertheless showing how design and conservation can seamlessly meld together, was a billboard constructed in Peru. Made by students of UTEC and Mayo DraftDCB, this billboard extracted water from the air – the world’s first billboard of this kind to produce portable water by sourcing it from the atmospheric humidity.

Convenience is king

Several cities embrace the pastimes of their citizens with convenient solutions.

Urban property development brand, Blok, initiated a bicycle parking design competition to provide a system on the Sea Point Promenade. The winning design, Blade, resembles blades of grass reaching up from the ground and enables cyclists to simply secure the frame of their bikes to one of the 16 blades with a lock.

Several Capetonians in this area are avid cyclers. By giving them a safe place to store their bicycles, they have peace of mind that their rides are secure while they exercise on the Promenade and explore the surrounding restaurants, putt-putt course and shops.

In Amsterdam, Pivot Creative, through attaching red metal clips to benches, transformed these ordinary structures into mini-libraries – dubbed “Ruilbank”. Bringing this initiative to life included partnering with newspapers and libraries for reading material for the various benches.

Eliminating social isolation

By shaping the way the public experience their surroundings through clever structures and improved street furniture, cities can easily inspire their inhabitants to get social and active.

Furthermore, designs inspired by a city’s culture will give rise to an environment that invites its citizens to celebrate the streets and all they have to offer.

Sources: * http://popsop.com/2013/12/what-a-smart-city-of-the-future-will-look-like-learn-7-trends-in-urban-living-for-2014/

Event News: Egg-citing holiday fun with Silverstar at Easter Playground

With the Easter holidays right around the corner, Silverstar will be turning the Square into an Easter Playground for some much-loved family fun. From Saturday 1 April to Monday 17 April 2017, the Easter Playground will be packed with fun-filled activities for children of all ages to enjoy.

Some of the child-friendly entertainment will include a soft play park, train rides, pedal karts on an inflatable track, water slide and buskers. The Easter Bunny will also be making an appearance on certain days, with treats for the kids.

For those who prefer spending their time watching movies, the Easter Playground will have two free family movie screenings. On Friday 14 April, guests can catch the screening of HOP and on Saturday 15 April, the Rise of the Guardians.

“During the holidays, parents are always looking for great family-friendly activities, and Silverstar has made sure to cater to those needs. The best parts about the Easter Playground is that it’s not age specific and entry is free, which does not limit who can join in on the fun at the Square,” says the Silverstar Marketing Manager, Sanele Ntombela.

Guests can also enjoy great food specials at Publicity Bar&Grill.  The gastro pub offers guests live entertainment every Friday and Saturday, along with a mouth-watering menu which includes Eisbein, steak, gourmet burgers and much more.

The Easter Playground at The Silverstar Square starts from 1 April to 17 April 2017, from 10:00 to 17:00 daily. Entrance is free for everyone.

The Heavyweights International Comedy Show

Make ’em laugh and leave ’em wanting more! The Heavyweights International Comedy Show aims to do just that.


The event is setting the stage to be one of the largest cultural events with a world class comedy appeal and roaring laughs on the 1st April 2017 (its an April fools joke that’s not actually a joke) This year’s debut international comedy show will host an eclectic mix of both local and international headliners such as the hilarious, funny and multi award winning African comedic great Ayo Makun who goes by the stage name AY from Nigeria.


He is also an actor, writer, director, radio and T.V presenter. AY has also held the ranks of being named a UN peace ambassador in 2009 for his efforts for social and economic issues affecting ordinary citizens in his country. The ever ludicrous, funny and fearless Kansiime will also lead the pack gracing South Africa for the first time.


Born in Uganda Kansiime has won multiple awards such as Comedy YouTube Sub-Saharan Africa Creator Award and African Entertainment Awards USA, Best Comedian’s Award 2015 to name a few. The local line up includes retired lawyer and ‘Laugh Technician’ Thenjiwe who’s apparently lodged a complaint with the Knowles family claiming Beyonce is her daughter. The multi talented Trevor Gumbi, Tumi Stopnonsons and Nina Hastie are also bound to leave viewers in stitches. The witty and energetic Tallassmo features front and centre of the show as the MC.


Event Details: 

Date: 1st April 2017

Venue: Carnival City, Big Top Arena 

Time: 2PM for 3PM 

Full Line-Up: Kasiime, Thenjiwe, AY, Trevor Gumbi, Tumi Stopnonsos and Nina Hastie 

MC: Tol A$$ Mo

Cover charge: Tickets start at R175 

Lungi Naidoo Kicks Off National Album Launch Tour

Fresh from releasing her second single titled Kiss Madolo following the success of her first single Falling featuring Black Coffee, songstress Lungi Naidoo is embarking on a nationwide album launch tour.

This will see her perform at Shaguma Lifestyle Café on this Sunday (2 April). Lungi is excited about being able to go around the country to perform for her fans and give them an opportunity to interact with her.

“I’m so excited because as a performing artist the only time I come fully alive is when I’m on stage. The album launch tour is not focusing on big cities so I’m going to reach every small town in our country, as all my fans are important to me,” she said.

Though she previous released two albums I Am and a self-titled album, she said with this album she’s working on her brand as she is aware that artists can no longer just rely on their music alone to make an impact in the music industry.

Confirmed tour dates are as follows:

*1 April Rex Club Opening in Sandton

*2 April Shaguma Lifestyle café in Midrand

*14 April Liquid Zone in Soshanguve

*28 April Thaba Moshate casino in Burgersfort

*29 Witbank News Café at Highveld Mall

*5 Meropa Casino (Jembe)

*27 May Zygoz Pub in Mabopane


Cosmopolitan South Africa has revealed that their latest world exclusive cover shoot is with reality TV royalty, Blac Chyna.

In the exclusive interview, Chyna dishes on her relationship with Rob, their highly publicized struggles, and her determination to make it work. She also shares her feelings about becoming a part of the Kardashian family, and co-parenting with Tyga (now dating Rob’s half-sister, Kylie Jenner).

Fashion Director Bev Nates and Art Director Juan Geel once again made the trip to LA, where they partnered with renowned photographer John Tsiavis to pull off the shoot.

Of the “At home with Blac Chyna” theme, Acting Editor Kerrie Simon-Lawrence says, “Blac Chyna is such a mysterious character, and everyone really does want to know more about her. While she’s a businesswoman and has been for a long time, her life has really been plastered all over the media ever since she first got together with Rob Kardashian. So we wanted to create an intimate-feeling shoot, where we got to share with readers the ‘real’ Blac Chyna.”

The shoot has also been a great opportunity for South African designers, with the Cosmo team commissioning from local labels for the roll-out. “We took items from Josh Myburgh, Romanda de Bastos, Shana Morland, and Emelia Nagel. On the cover, she wears a divine leotard by Sheila-Madge,” says Kerrie.

In an exciting twist, Cosmo and Sheila-Madge will be giving away the cover look via a social media competition.

Commenting on interviewing the star in LA, Kerrie says: “We loved working with Blac Chyna on this cover and interview. She’s fresh and has a devil-may-care attitude that we could all learn a lot from.”

See the behind the scenes interview and photo shoot here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRDzX3MPt_E

Join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram @CosmopolitanSA #COSMOxChyna


Africa’s premiere comedy festival is back with its second edition of laugh out loud laughs. The Johannesburg International Comedy Festival (JICF) will once again showcase the best in local, continental and international comedy in and around the Braamfontein precinct from 31 March – 1 April.


The line-up this year is as impressive as the last, with award winning comedians from home and abroad sharing the stage. The mouthwatering feast of comedy on offer is sure to cater for every taste and will no doubt leave audiences wheezing for more.


After being postponed late last year due to student protests, the full revised line ups for the Festival are as follows;


Stand Up Africa – Hosted by Basketmouth (Nigeria)

6 of the best comedians in Africa on one stage! Africa Stand Up!!!

LINE-UP: Loyiso Madinga (SA), Eddie Kadi (Congo), Q Dube (Zimbabwe), Prince Abdi (Somalia), Imran Yusuf (Kenya)


The hottest local, continental and international comedians join forces in the Braamfontein precinct to bring you the funniest weekend of your life!


This will be another international comedy extravaganza featuring talent from all over the world such as the USA, Russia, Nigeria, Denmark, Kenya, UK, Canada, Zimbabwe, France, Congo, Somalia alongside a strong South African contingent as we celebrate the universal language of laughter!



League of Nations – Hosted by Joey Rasdien (South Africa)

A unique comedy experience featuring 6 acts from 6 countries in a league of their own!

LINE-UP: Eric Lampaert (France), Igor Meerson (Russia), Eddy King (Canada),

Cokey Falkow (SA), Ahmed Bharoocha (USA)


Live from The Alex – Hosted by Nina Hastie (South Africa)

Showcasing trailblazing female comedic talent! You’ll be laughing your *** off!

LINE-UP: Celeste Ntuli (SA), Athena Kugblenu (UK), Sofie Hagen (Denmark), Mel Jones (SA), Angel Campey (SA)


Vernac Attack – Hosted by Tips Shampoonaizer (South Africa)

Vernac Attack features a hot line up of local comedians performing in their mother tongue!

LINE-UP (SA): Summary, Roni Modimola, Noko Moswete, Kedibone Mulaudzi


Late Nite @ The Orbit – Hosted by Tats Nkonzo (South Africa)

This will be a late-night comedy and jazz extravaganza at the one and only Orbit Jazz Café


 FRIDAY LINE-UP: Kagiso Lediga (SA), Eddy King (Canada), Igor Meerson (Russia), Eric Lampaert (France), Jessica Michelle Singleton (USA), Basketmouth (Nigeria), Eddie Kadi (Congo)


SATURDAY LINE-UP: Imran Yusuf (Kenya), Sofie Hagen (Denmark), Cokey Falkow (SA), Eric Lampaert (France), Ahmed Bharoocha (USA), Athena Kugblenu (UK), Kagiso Lediga (SA),


“After the postponement of the Festival late last year due to the student protests, we are very excited to be back with our next edition of JICF and hope to build on the groundbreaking success of the inaugural installment,” said Festival Director, Takunda Bimha. “With another whole new line-up, I can’t wait for our audiences to experience the exciting comedians we’ve assembled, both locally and from all over the world.”


The second edition of JICF promises to be another world class comedy extravaganza – one not to be missed or you’ll be left with an epic case of FOMO! Get your tickets today and prepare to be blown away!


The Johannesburg International Comedy Festival is proudly supported by M-Net Movies, Kaya FM, City of Joburg, The Four Seasons Westcliff, DISCOP, Southpoint and the Montreux Comedy Festival (Switzerland)


Tickets for all shows are available from at Ticketpros ranging from R75 (for students) – R300.


Join the conversation and keep updated on www.jicf.co.za or on social media, www.facebook.com/JICF.SA/,  @JICF_SA and #JICF on twitter and Instagram.


The South African jazz scene grew in popularity through performances in nightclubs, and other major venues during the time of the 1950s. It forms a large part of South African culture, through anti-apartheid protest from individuals like Hugh Masekela and Kippie Moketsi (Jazz Epistles).

Due to government censorship, a massive exodus occurred and many black jazz artists left the country in search of work and audiences; and so there has always been a high demand for affordable, small-scale jazz entertainment in Johannesburg particularly.

On the first and third Wednesday of every month, Stanley Beer Yard will host the Corona Busking Sessions; drawing on jazz’s status as a national art form and part of South African cultural history. Busking sessions were once common occurrences in Johannesburg and there is a pressing need to entrench the local jazz scene and create an interface between real world jazz and practical music education.

The busking sessions will begin with opening performances by top young SA jazz musicians, namely award winning Jazz Guitarist Vuma Ian Levin (winner Keep an Eye International Jazz awards, Dutch Jazz Awards, Semi finalist Montreux Socar International Jazz Guitar Competion, Dutch Eindwerk Prijs winner, SENA electric guitar competition finalist, Standard Bank South African Jazz Youth Orchestra); multi-Award winning Bassist Benjamin Jephta (2016 SAMA Nominee, Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year 2016, SAMRO Competition 2nd place), Trumpeter Marcus Wyatt (SAMA winner and 11 time SAMA Nominee) and top South African Drummer Peter Auret (SAMA Winner).

After these performances, the busking session will be open to all music students and anyone who would like the opportunity to busk along with professional musicians and take the opportunity to play in front of a live audience in a great venue is most welcome. Any form of music is allowed.

Stanley Beer Yard will also be hosting the Corona Jazz sessions in the same attempt to tap into the demand for live jazz. These sessions will run on the second and last Sunday of every month and will be hosted by award-winning guitarist Vuma Ian Levin. The concert will feature an alternation line up of trios, performing songs from the standard South African and American Jazz repertoire.

Featuring the top young South African Jazz musicians on the scene, in alternating trios drawing from:

Vuma Levin (Guitar); Benjamin Jephta (Bass); Bokani Dyer (Piano) – Winner the Standard bank Young Artist Award, Winner SAMRO Piano Competion, Nominee SAMA awards 2016; and Thandi Ntuli (Piano/Voice) – Metro FM Awards Nominee, SAMA Nominee. The concert promises to provide world-class entertainment.

Stanley Beer Yard and Corona are hoping to make this beloved and historical music accessible by hosting these live jazz sessions at Stanley beer Yard in 44 Stanley, Milpark.

The first busking session will take place on Wednesday 23 March from 7pm – 10h30pm.

The first jazz session will take place on Sunday 2nd April from 2pm – 5pm.

For bookings, call Stanley Beer Yard: 011 482 5791 or email stan@stanleybar.co.za

“Play Now, Torque Later” at Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City Rewards cardholders have been buckling up and shifting into gear for the casino promotion – “Play Now, Torque Later” – which has been offering them a chance to win big since Saturday, 7 January, ending on Thursday, 30 March 2017.

Exclusive to Gold Reef City Rewards cardholders, “Play Now, Torque Later” gives cardholders the chance to win their share of a whopping R1.9 Million in cars and cash by simply playing Slots or Tables with their Rewards card. Grand prizes include a sporty VW Polo GTI worth over R350,000 for Platinum cardholders, and an exhilarating VW Golf 7 GTI valued at over R480,000 for Black cardholders.

Gold cardholders can also look forward to their share of the spoils with a spectacular final. Up for grabs is a total of R100,000 in cash, and one lucky winner will walk away with a guaranteed grand prize of R50,000.

Cash draws have been taking place weekly, with first place prize money sitting at R25,000 for Black Rewards cardholders, R15,000 for Platinum Rewards cardholders and R8,000 for Gold Rewards cardholders. Cash prizes are awarded to first, second and third place winners.

Points required to qualify for the weekly cash draws:

Gold                      150 points

Platinum              500 points

Black                      1,000 points

Black Card Weekly Draws:

January: 25th

February: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd

March: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd

Gold and Platinum Card Weekly Draws:

January: 26th

February: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd

March: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd

Points required to qualify for the final car draws:

Platinum              5,000 points

Black                      10,000 points

Black car draw:  29 March 2017 at 20h00

Gold FINAL draw: 30 March 2017 at 20h00

Platinum car draw:  30 March 2017 at 21h00

Says Lionel Chetty, Promotions and Events Manager at Gold Reef City, “We’re looking forward to giving our Rewards cardholders the opportunity to put the pedal to the metal while playing their favourite Slots or Tables games. With over R1.9 Million at stake, including two cars up for grabs, ‘Play Now, Torque Later’ is definitely one of 2017’s not-to-be-missed promotions.”

To become a Rewards cardholder and for full details on Gold Reef City’s “Play Now, Torque Later”, simply visit http://www.tsogosun.com or http://www.goldreefcity.co.za. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @GoldReefCitySA and @TsogoSun or like on Facebook /TsogoSun and /Gold Reef City to stay up to date with all the promotional details

As one of 14 Tsogo Sun gaming properties in South Africa, Gold Reef City supports the National Responsible Gambling Programme. Winners know when to stop.  Only persons over the age of 18 are permitted to gamble. National Problem Gambling counselling toll-free helpline: 0800 006 008.


For the past decade, BRING YOUR FIRE has been MTN Bushfire’s inspiring call to action, a concept that encourages the proactive contribution of the individual towards social change.

Your Fire is your energy, your spirit, your passion, and your drive to make a difference.

During this time, MTN Bushfire has encouraged participants and guests alike to heed this call, and in the process the festival has achieved a worldwide reputation for its visionary and authentic approach to raising awareness of the need for social change.

In 2017 MTN Bushfire will take BRING YOUR FIRE to a whole new level with the introduction of the BRING YOUR FIRE ZONE, a dedicated space that will articulate and manifest this call to action around a specific theme.

MTN Bushfire 2017 is excited to announce that the theme for this year’s BRING YOUR FIRE campaign and zone will be environmentalism and sustainability.

To this end, MTN Bushfire Festival is partnering with a host of organisations to present a truly interactive and creative space that will engage with the myriad issues related to environmentalism and sustainability more broadly, including arts sustainability in the region.

These activities will live not only at the Festival, but also before and after the event on social media and also critically in the local Swaziland communities.

Everyone is invited to become a pro-active contributor and to #BRINGYOURFIRE.

Within this theme, MTN Bushfire 2017 will also be further committing to become a more carbon-neutral event with this year seeing an increased focus on recycling and an insistence that all vendors use packaging that is made from recycled material.


As the tangible and interactive manifestation of the BRING YOUR FIRE call to action based on this year’s theme of environmentalism and sustainability, the BRING YOUR FIRE ZONE will play host to an array of exhibitions, activations, performances and related activities.

“The Burning Question” Yebo Art Gallery Exhibition

Within the ZONE, Yebo Art Gallery will be presenting an exhibition; “The Burning Question,” based on the theme of a changing climate, particularly focusing on the role that artists and the arts can play in effecting recognition, intervention and action.

As the arts industry finally wakes up to the reality and urgency of climate change, as indicated by the huge increase in the visibility of the arts in creating awareness and cultivating action and reaction towards climate change and environmental issues at last two international summits on climate change (COP 21 and 22), MTN Bushfire and its partner, Yebo Art & Design, are at the leading edge of grappling with this critical issue.

All Out Africa: Indigenous Tree Planting

Long time partner of MTN Bushfire, All Out Africa will be working with the festival and the local Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary to offset the carbon footprint of the festival and counter act deforestation by inviting guests to personally get involved by planting an indigenous tree in the nearby reserve. Guests will have the opportunity to sign up for the tree planting project and will be transported to and from the reserve where they will plant a tree and be part of this lasting environmental legacy project.

This is a long term project aims not only to plant trees to offset carbon emission and loss due to deforestation but also to educate on the importance of protecting tress and our shared natural heritage as a whole.

MTN Bushfire Environmental Anthem

Under the facilitation of Alex Paullin, from Conservation Music, a group of leading local musicians/students/choir/poets from the local communities will engage in an extensive workshop to brainstorm, skill-share, create, and record a song that offers a dynamic medium to communicate and send a messages around the issue of environmental issues & climate change.

Sunshine Cinema

MTN Bushfire partner Sunshine Cinema will also be part of the BRING YOUR FIRE ZONE and will engage with participants by screening films and documentaries touching on issues related to  environmental sustainability. These film screenings and discussions will all be solar panel powered.

Schools Programme and Arts Roundtable

For the past decade, MTN Bushfire, along with its partners, has been committed to creating an increasingly inclusive festival program where members of the local youth community become active participants to generate a sustainable arts legacy that instils skills and motivation in youth to become arts and creative industry entrepreneurs.

The annual Schools Programme reaches out to about 120 schools and 1350 students with entertaining and educational arts experiences. Additionally, the annual Arts Round Table is a forum that welcomes local, regional and international arts practitioners and experts who engage in lively dialogue and debate towards creating a more sustainable arts community within Southern Africa.

Interactive Studio

Within the BRING YOUR FIRE ZONE there will also be a digital studio where guests can engage in video-recorded discussions that will be shared via MTN Bushfire’s social media platforms and on the main screens around the festival venue. These discussion platforms will open up the space for engagement beyond the festival itself and into the digital realm.

For more on the open call visit http://yeboswaziland.com/open-call-for-artists-in-africa-yebo-contemporary-art-gallery-and-londza-design-are-curating-an-exhibition

For more information on MTN Bushfire: www.bush-fire.com, www.facebook.com/MTNBushfire @bushfirefest


Cape Town, January 24, 2017 – S.Pellegrino announces the much-anticipated return of S.Pellegrino Young Chef, a global competition recognising leading young culinary talent from across the world. The third edition, with applications opening on February 1, 2017, will feature various novelties aimed to provide contestants with further opportunities to demonstrate and strengthen their skills, while gaining valuable visibility.
The contest will now take place over a span of 18 months, with this next edition lasting from 2017 to 2018. The upcoming year will include preliminary selection rounds and the local competitions, followed by the Grand Finale in June of 2018, where finalists will compete for the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 title. The extended duration will allow candidates more time to work side by side their assigned Chef Mentors to improve their signature dishes and refine their skill set in preparation for the finals. 
Winners of S.Pellegrino Young Chef are presented with the extraordinary opportunity to gain global visibility and a significant professional boost, as well as the chance to take part in several of the brand’s annual events around the world, including but not limited to those related to the Young Chef competition. “It is a great honor to be named S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2016,” said S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2016 winner, Mitch Lienhard of the United States. “The experience has provided many unforgettable moments so far, and I am thankful for the impact the title will have in my career. I look forward to continuing my work with S.Pellegrino to help find the culinary world’s best new talent and serving as a mentor to future competitors.” Among previous winners of the competition is Ireland-based S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015, Mark Moriarty. 
To broaden the range and accessibility of the talent scouting, a new region, “Central America–Caribbean has been added to the competition’s list of included geographic regions, now comprised of 21 different areas from all corners of the world. In addition, applications will now be accepted in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French and Italian. All candidates are required to understand and speak English, as it is the official language of the competition.
Applications for S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 open on February 1, 2017 at Sanpellegrino.com. The website will serve as the new digital hub of the competition, while FineDiningLovers.com – the online magazine for food enthusiasts from all over the world, proudly endorsed by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna – has been designated the official media partner.
Over the course of the contest – which last year, attracted over 3,000 applicants – 70 top chefs will be involved as jurors in the local competitions, 21 young chefs from 21 different geographic areas will be selected as semifinalists, and 21 Chef Mentors will be assigned individually to the young chefs, providing guidance throughout their exceptional journey.
The global competition includes a distinguished panel of judges, known as the Seven Sages, which is comprised of some of the most celebrated culinary masters of the world, who are responsible for deciding the winner of S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 at the finals in Milan, Italy. 
S.Pellegrino Young Chef is a global competition realised in four phases:
PHASE I – Online Application (February 2017 – April 2017)
From February 1 to April 30, 2017, any young chef in the world will have the opportunity to submit an application and their signature dish at www.sanpellegrino.comApplying chefs must be 30-years-old or younger and have at least one year of experience working in a restaurant as a chef, sous chef or chef de partie. The complete list of competition requirements will be available on the application website.
PHASE II – Global Shortlist (June 1, 2017)
All qualified candidates will be divided into 21 regions* according to their geographic origin. Submissions will then be evaluated by ALMA, the world’s leading international educational and training centre for Italian Cuisine (www.alma.scuolacucina.it), which will select the top 10 semifinalists for each geographic region, according to five “Golden Rules”:
a. INGREDIENTS: Ability to select the best ingredients that the market can offer in terms of quality, freshness and uniqueness, in order to achieve an excellence of taste.
b. SKILL: Ability to work with raw materials and turn them into a dish that respects their original essence.
c. GENIUS: Ability to explore new, challenging, and innovative perspectives in relation to the culture of fine cuisine with a personal and contemporary style, while maintaining a perfect equilibrium of taste.
d. BEAUTY: Dish presentation, giving an aesthetic enhancement of its contents.
e. MESSAGE: Ability to communicate a clear message through one’s work and vision.
PHASE III – Local Challenges (June 7th – December 2017)
The ten selected semifinalists of each of the 21 geographic areas will compete in a Local Semifinals round, where live competitions will be held in each region from June 7 to December 31.  During these events, the semifinalists will cook their signature dishes for an exclusive regional jury, composed of independent top chefs who will evaluate the presented dishes based on the five Golden Rules and select a winner.
By the end of December 2017, the 21 Young Chefs from around the globe will be announced as the official finalists, who will move on to the world finals in Milan, Italy. Each finalist will be assigned a “Mentor Chef” (a member of their regional jury), who will provide guidance on how to improve their signature dishes and support them in their preparation for the finals. 
PHASE IV – S.Pellegrino Young Chef Finals (June 2018)
In June 2018, the 21 Young Chef finalists will gather in Milan for the Grand Finale event, hosted by S.Pellegrino. The chefs will compete for the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 title, with the winner selected by the international Seven Sages panel of judges. 
The complete contest regulations and application form will be available on www.sanpellegrino.com
Follow the competition on social media via the hashtag #SPYoungChef.
1. Italy
2. France
3. Germany-Austria
4. Switzerland
5. Spain-Portugal
6. UK-Ireland
7. Russia/CIS (ex-Soviet Union)
8. Scandinavia/Baltics
9. East Europe
10. BeNeLux
11. Mediterranean Countries 
12. USA
13. Canada
14. Africa-Middle East 
15. Central America–Caribbean
16. South America
17. Pacific (Australia/NZ/Pacific Islands)
18. China
19. Japan
20. North-East Asia
21. South-East Asia


Major League organizers last month announced the ‘Save The Date’ for the next installment of the ALL WHITE ‘Major League’ Gardens taking place on Saturday, 18th March 2017 at the FNB stadium to an eager audience with early bird tickets selling out in just two days.


The star-studded line-up for month’s party includes all the major players in the game right now, entertainment royalty.



The Dons Riky Rick, AKA, OkmalumKoolKat, Da LES and Cassper Nyovest will headline alongside the Leaders of the New School Kwesta, Nasty C, Nadia Nakai, DuBoiz, A Reece, Nomuzi, Anatii and Gemini Major. Also featuring will be Durban’s finest, the first lady Babes Wodumo, Stilo Magolide, Sjava, Frank Casino, Tshego, Yung Swiss, King Monada, and KLY.



The legendary Kabelo Bouga Luv will headline as the ThrowBack artist at the ALL WHITE GARDENS next month.



DJ’s include Major League Djz, Black Motion, Maphorisa, Milkshake, Shimza, Speedsta, Sizwe Dhlomo, DJ Capital, Distruction Boyz, Moflava, Dr Peppa, DJ Sandiso, Twins on Deck, Sumbody and Mr X while Hype Gang and Scoop Makhatini will host the show.



The ultimate summer celebration is thee ultimate social festival filled with dance and summer madness. A shimmering outdoor funfair event with the freshest outdoor activities hosting among other things, a live stage featuring the best acts South Africa can offer. The festival hosted by young people for the sexiest young people in Jozi to experience crazy summer fun. A place where friends get together to usher in the finest season, through sounds of laughter and music for a day only.



It’s an occasion where you get to bring your camp chairs and picnic blankets, and come share in the greatness of the Major League Gardens.


VENUE:           FNB Stadium

TIME:              12pm until 2am

DATE:              18 March 2017

THEME:           ALL WHITE

TICKETS (Available at Computicket)

GENERAL:        R200

VIP:                   R600




Johannesburg/Lagos, 28 February 2017: An irresponsible teen mom… a predatory teacher…an ambitious hostess… a conflicted adolescent struggling to understand his identity… a neglected trophy wife… a pregnant schoolgirl… a possessive boyfriend…a ruthless entrepreneur… these are some of the faces of MTV Shuga: Down South, the 12- part new drama series from MTV Staying Alive Foundation and MTV Base.


Set in the homes, cafés, schools, parks and hangouts of fictional township, Zenzele, and real-life Braamfontein, MTV Shuga: Down South is the fifth instalment in the award-winning drama series, MTV Shuga. With powerful contemporary storylines, relatable characters and an ensemble cast of talented actors and contemporary musicians, MTV Shuga: Down South uses drama to disseminate important public health messages.


The new series, directed by Mmabatho Montsho, Thabang Moleya and Rea Rangaka, includes a new focus on issues affecting adolescent girls in South Africa, with a particular emphasis on their vulnerability to unintended pregnancy and HIV infection. Never one to shy away from difficult subjects, MTV Shuga: Down South is crowded with interweaving stories of heartbreak, love, betrayal and difficult decisions among contemporary South African youth. Other key plot points include transactional sex, living with HIV, infidelity and issues affecting LGBT teens.


In keeping with the contemporary tone of the drama, popular musicians Seyi Shay, Fifi Cooper and Kwesta make cameo appearances as themselves, while Mohau Cele returns in the role of dissatisfied schoolgirl/singer Bongi. Emmanuel Ikubese returns as HIV+ music promoterFemi, while Nick Mutuma reprises his role of good boy gone bad, “Leo”. Vanessa Mdee plays “Storm”, wife to Clint Brink’s Rakeem”. Other key roles are played by Adesua Etomi, Thuso Mbedu, Mohau Cele, Jezriel Skei, Lerato Walaza, Given Stuurman, Samkelisiwe Makhoba, Stephanie Sandows, S’thandiwe Kgoroge, Phila Mazibuko, Ayanda Makayi, Graeme Kriega, Lehlohonolo Makoko, Nqobile Sipamla, Thembsie Matu and Winnie Ntshaba.


Commented Alex Okosi, Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Africa, “Pro-social programming that empowers our audience is an important part of our MTV Base brand.  MTV Shuga deals with real issues facing young people through authentic storylines and characters, and we are excited to premiere this latest series, based in South Africa.”


Added Georgia Arnold, Executive Director, MTV Staying Alive Foundation, “Previous seasons of MTV Shuga has been proven to change young peoples’ behaviour and attitudes relating to safe sex and HIV.  Moved to a South African setting and context for the first time, we know that MTV Shuga: Down South will make further strides in changing attitudes to unplanned pregnancies, LGBT awareness and other health and emotional issues among South African youth.”




Airing weekly on MTV Base (DStv Channel 322), MTV Shuga: Down South premieres on Wednesday 8 March on MTV Base (SA) at 21:30 CAT and on MTV Base (ROA) at 22:05 WAT. The series will subsequently air on BET (DStv channel 129), other Viacom owned networks including BET International (UK/France), and third party broadcasters including SABC (South Africa), NTA (Nigeria), Citizen TV (Kenya), KBC (Kenya), GHONE (Ghana), RTNC (DRC), Tanzanian Broadcasting Corporation (Tanzania), NBS TV (Uganda), African Movie Channel US (USA), and TV Brasil (Brazil).


Other elements of the MTV Shuga campaign will include a 15-part radio drama series complementing the TV series, a peer educator programme, comic book, audience polling, consumer helplines, mobile information service, social media and a range of digital platforms.


MTV Shuga: Down South is supported by the South African government’s Department of Basic EducationPEPFAR (The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief)Marie Stopes International, ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action MSM & Transgender Programme, CIFF (Children’s Investment Fund Foundation) and FHI 360 (Family Health International).


MTV Shuga: Down South is produced on behalf of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and MTV Base by Quizzical Pictures.


MTV Shuga: Down South premieres on Wednesday 8 March on MTV Base (SA) on at 21:30 CAT and on MTV Base (ROA) at 22:05 WAT.


To continue the conversation about MTV Shuga: Down South, please go to http://www.MTVShuga.com, like MTV Shuga on www.facebook.com/MTVShuga, or follow MTV Shuga on Twitter or Instagram @MTVShuga using the hashtag #MTVShugaDS.




The South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) 11 Golden Horn nominee’s announcement was made on 16 February 2017, in Bryanston at The Forum. The SAFTAs 11 breakfast was attended by members of the media, the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) Stakeholders, respected members of the South African film and television industry, as well as the nominees.


The SAFTA team at the NFVF with assistance from the SAFTA committee members (CCISFA, SASFED, eTV, Mnet, SABC and Starsat) have put in tremendous effort to ensure that the awards uphold a standard of excellence and remain a world class production. The awards will take place on the 16 to 18 March 2017 in Sun City. The audience can watch the live show on 18 March 2017 on SABC 2 at 20h00. With the awards being in their 11th year of celebrating growth and talent the 11th annual SAFTAs have been themed SA’s got it – let’s Celebrate it which is a well-suited vision of looking towards setting higher goals for the South African film and television industry.


Zama Mkosi, CEO of the NFVF said, ‘We are extremely proud and honoured to have finally reached this stage of the SAFTAs 11, we as the NFVF would like to congratulate all the nominees and hope to encourage the industry to continue striving while setting its own rules around what success looks like for the business of film. Each year comes with its own challenges and growth opportunities that we highly prioritise. The NFVF will continue to strive for transparency and solutions in order to make sure that the SAFTAs showcase not only the glamorous side of the industry, but the underlying wealth of talent, education, skill and most importantly the passion that the South African industry truly has.”


The NFVF would like to acknowledge and thank all the 181 SAFTAs 11 judges for their invaluable contribution and dedication to the adjudication and voting process that started in December 2016. Their work under the directorship and guidance from the three overall judging chairs; Jerry Mofokeng, Firdoze Bulbulia and Dr John Kani has finally resulted in a crucial and exciting part of the SAFTAs 11 journey concluding the SAFTAs 11 nominees. All the auditing for the SAFTAs 11 judging process has been officially procured by PWC South Africa.


Key to the success of SAFTAs 11 are the private sector partners that have come on board such as Sun International, Mc Café and Ster Kinekor. Mc Café have shown significant surpport in advancing and developing the exceptional talent in South Africa. Mc Café will present the Best Actor and Actress Awards in a Feature Film at the awards. Ster Kinekor has shown its commitment to the development of the film industry by presenting the Youth Achiever Award, an award that recognises a young individual or new comer who has demonstrated excellence in their craft.

For the full list of nominees visit the NFVF website.



The time has come! Russian Bear has selected the top three lyricists in their #IamNext competition and are now calling onfans in SA to vote for the lyricist that they deem worthy of having his likeness featured on the next Limited Edition Russian Bear bottle along with his original lines.

Inspired by the iconic Limited Edition Russian Bear x Riky Rick bottle featuring the popular muso and his lyrics, budding hip hop lyricist across the country were given the chance to enter their attention-grabbing one-liners. Three aspiring music lovers are now one step closer to glory.

Ready to meet the front-runners?

Keagan Rhoda, AKA Spektak

“Seeking truth to my wishes. A man on a mission.

No matter what you do you’ll never kill my ambition.”

Hailing from the Western Cape, Keagan is ready to make his music dreams come true. He shares: “I’ve always wanted to be someone influential and I believe that by investing enough time and effort we will achieve our dreams. My peers would laugh at me and joke about the fact that I believed I could make a living and build a legacy through hip hop. So, my lyrics are basically me saying forget those people and their opinions, I’m GOING to make this work. No matter who says what, they’ll never dull my shine.”

Sicelo Ngozwana, AKA J. Retta

“No need for breaks, if you forever

on the gas pedal, Got Russian Bear

stacked at the party, and it’s next level”


Eastern Cape based Sicelo aims to inspire and motivate others: “The lyrics I write stand out because they come from an honest place: My heart. I wanted to pen lyrics that are relevant to anyone chasing a dream. I’d like to believe that’s everyone, because we all have our own individual purpose on Earth. The verse is fun to recite and catchy, while at the same time thought-provoking and relevant to anyone who trusts in themselves.”


Moabi “Mo” Maseko

“Gone in 60secs 120 the max,

asenzi’mess, fasi’bande sigcwala istraat,

driver mina manje staan’vas, iyi’kleva

slyzer/#IAMNEXT skatlo’byzer”


Jo’burger Moabi wanted to convey speed and a sense of urgency with his unique lines that incorporate English, Afrikaans and “kasi taal” (street slang). “I needed my lyrics to be visual – so the reader imagines the seatbelt clicking and a car screeching off and the ‘competition’ swiftly moving out of the way. ‘Driver mina manje’ (I’m in the driver seat now) is a play on the concept of being next – stating that I’m next before even using the hashtag,” he enthuses.

“We were blown away by the talent of the entries we have received and are excited about who will be featured next on the limited edition Russian Bear bottle.  Get voting, South Africa – tell us who you think is Next Level!” says Russian Bear Brand Manager, Simone Burns.

To vote for your favourite finalist in the Russian Bear #IamNext competition, visit www.russianbear.co.za , @RussianBearSA on Twitter and Facebook. Voting opened on 26 February.

Russian Bear is Not for Sale to Persons under the Age of 18.  Please Enjoy Responsibly.    

South Africa’s Product Of The Year Winners Revealed

South Africa’s best products, recognised through a market-leading independent consumer survey, were announced at the Product of the Year gala event in Johannesburg last week.
Part of one of the world’s largest consumer-voted awards programmes, this independent consumer survey, conducted by leading global information and measurement company Nielsen, rewards product innovation based on the endorsements of over 5,000 consumer households. Established 30 years ago in France, Product of the Year currently operates in 38 countries to guide consumers and help them find the best new products and services in their market, while also rewarding manufacturers for quality and innovation.

“In this competitive and cluttered market, making informed purchase decisions can be extremely confusing for consumers,” states Preetesh Sewraj, CEO and chief innovation analyst at Product of the Year South Africa. “With limited expendable income, consumers are often unable to test and trial every offering on the market, which is why we aim to take the guesswork out of this process for local consumers, effectively giving them a shortcut to the check-out counter while also saving them time and money.”

To enter, brands submit products for inclusion through an opt-in process in a variety of categories. Winners are chosen through a robust research process that employs best in class research techniques to understand consumer perception of innovation in the market.

In its infancy, Product of the Year award categories extensively covered the FMCG sector, specifically food, beverages, personal care and household care, but these have since expanded to include other important consumer-facing market segments such as automotive, technology, petrochemicals, medical and health products, and clothing, among many others.

The winners are now able to use the distinctive red Product of the Year logo on packaging and marketing, under licence, for a period of 12 months.

Winners List

Based on the independently verified feedback of the 5,000 consumers surveyed, the most innovative products of the year for 2017 are:

Category Winner
Baby care Epi-max Baby & Junior Range
Beverages Fuze Tea
Biscuits Bakers Eet-Sum-Mor Chocolate Chip
Breakfast White Star Instant Maize Porridge
Chips Doritos
Dairy Beverages Deneys Swiss Diary Gourmet Drinking Yoghurt
Dessert (Heritage) Ultra Mel Vanilla Flavoured Custard
Female Deodorants Shield MotionSense
Feminine Skincare Johnson’s Vita-Rich
Food (Heritage) Big Jack Pies
Fuel BP Ultimate with Active Technology
Hair Treatment Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Mask
Hairwash Tresemme Beauty Full Volume
Healthy Snacking Planters Nuts
Home Appliances Hisense Ice Maker Refrigerator
Male Deodorants Shield MotionSense
Male Grooming Schick Hydro 5
Mayonnaise Miracle Whip
Mobile Phones Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Motor Lubricants Shell Helix Ultra
Popcorn Simba Kettle Popped Flavoured Popcorn
Pourable Sauces Wellington’s New Recipe Tomato Sauce
Television Samsung SUHD TV
Therapeutic Skincare Vaseline Camphor Restore
Wearables Samsung Gear VR
Yoghurt NutriDay Yoghurt

Product of the Year also launched its partnership with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) at the event. “We were honoured to have in attendance of Adam Patisson, VP the America and EMEA at BBM,” states Sewraj. “It is an important partnership for both us and our category winners as modern consumers increasingly adopt a mobile-centric approach to information sharing and e-commerce. We are therefore well positioned to drive innovation within the mobile channel, to amplify our reach and highlight the work being done to champion the consumer cause.”

Heritage – New Category

A Heritage category was included for the first time in this year’s endorsement programme, offering multiple divisions in line with the other established Product of the Year categories.

“South Africa has a strong history of innovation, which means that there are still iconic brands on shelf today that have woven their way into the fabric of our society and continue to offer consumers quality and value for money. While they may not be innovative by today’s standards, we feel they still deserve recognition and should still be considered by consumers at the point of purchase. This is why we chose to expand our footprint and include the Heritage category in the Product of the Year awards,” explains Sewraj.

“Product of Year looks forward to supporting the winners through the company’s innovative and diversified platform. We hope to continue stimulating innovation in South Africa through our brand endorsement programme to ensure that deserving brands and their products get the exposure and recognition they deserve in the marketplace,” concludes Sewraj.


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White Star Wins in the Breakfast Category at the “Product of the Year” Awards

What’s new and exciting in the breakfast aisle today? White Star Instant Maize Porridge, of course!

South Africans once again showed love for their favourite maize meal brand, White Star, when they voted the brand top spot in the 2017 “Product of the Year” competition. The prestigious “Product of the Year” awards, which took place in Johannesburg on 23 February, announced White Star Instant Maize Porridge as winner of the breakfast category in a survey conducted amongst 5000 South African consumers by Nielsen. This is yet another feather in White Star’s cap after being rated South Africa’s favourite maize brand in the latest Sunday Times Top Brands Survey for seven years in a row.

The “Product of the Year” initiative is the largest annual product survey amongst consumers on the African continent. With a continuous annual increase in products, “Product of the Year” proves to be a very credible platform for consumers to learn about the best brands on the market.

White Star Instant Maize Porridge is available in five delectable flavours, which is just one of many reasons why it is the cereal most enjoyed by families. It is especially appealing to a market that is looking for something new, convenient, tasty and affordable, and is an excellent source of calcium and seven vitamins. The porridge is prepared by simply adding warm milk or water, depending on preference. Its smoother, superior quality and better aroma of flavours, has secured it as a firm favourite.

“We’re extremely proud of this achievement, especially as White Star Instant Maize Porridge is a new addition to the White Star product portfolio,” says White Star Marketing Manager, Mokhele Makhothi. “Being awarded ‘Product of the Year’ is a wonderful milestone for the White Star brand and we will continue to develop the brand further;  keep providing the best quality products and never disappoint our loyal supporters,” he concludes.

Follow the White Star Super Maize Meal Facebook page.


If you could be a millionaire, what kind of millionaire would you be? This will be the question on everyone’s lips this summer when Cadbury chocolates Raise the Bar, giving one lucky South African the chance to win ONE MILLION bucks in cash!



The Cadbury Raise the Bar competition will run from 1 February to 16 April 2017, offering consumers the chance to win the R1 million grand prize giveaway, plus weekly cash prizes, instant airtime and data.



To enter, simply purchase any of the participating Cadbury chocolate bars from a range of delicious variants, including Lunch Bar (46g or 22g), Lunch Bar Dream (46g), Lunch Bar Mansize (62g), P.S. Milk Chocolate (46g), P.S. Caramilk (46g and 24g), Chomp (22,7g), 5Star (48,5g), Flake (32g), Dipped Flake (32g), Astros (40g and 150g), Crunchie (40g), Snacker Original (45g) and Snacker Fruit (45g).
With your favourite chocolate bar in hand, dial *120*8826# and follow the prompts to wrap up your entry. Keep your till slip for a chance to win the grand cash prize, as this will be used to verify your entry. USSD costs 20c per 20 seconds. T’s and C’s apply*.
Building on the excitement to find Cadbury’s first millionaire, the team will also be embarking on a national roadshow to give consumers a mind-blowing experience inside Cadbury’s very own Wrapper Flapper.


All it takes to qualify for entry into the amazing Wrapper Flapper is one of the promotion’s qualifying Cadbury chocolate bars. Once inside, the Wrapper Flapper will live up to its name by creating a mini whirlwind filled with wrappers, some of which hold unique codes. With only ten seconds on the clock, speed will be rewarded – and catching one of the special wrappers will result in winning airtime vouchers or up to R2 000 in cash.
The Wrapper Flapper’s promotional crew will be on the scene to make sure that everyone feels like a million bucks while reminding consumers to enter the Cadbury Raise the Bar competition to win a million too!



Cadbury’s Wrapper Flapper will be travelling across South Africa, dropping in at The Zone @ Rosebank (24-26 February 2017) and Maponya Mall (3-5 March 2017) in Gauteng from 10am to 6pm daily before heading to Cape Town Station (14-18 March 2017), Johannesburg Park Station (21-25 March 2017) and Durban’s Berea Train Station (28 March-1 April 2017) from 9am to 6pm daily.



“Through this promotion, which includes some of South Africa’s favourite chocolate bars, Cadbury is excited to offer fans the opportunity to be rewarded with R1 million,” says Grant van Niekerk, Mondelez SA Category Director for Chocolate. “We also can’t wait to be part of the fun and excitement when consumers step into the innovative Wrapper Flapper. Raising the bar in this manner is what we strive for.”



Consumers who are unable to attend one of the five Wrapper Flapper activations can still join the conversation on Facebook @LunchBarSA, @CadburyPS or @Cadbury5StarSA or @CadburyChocBar on Twitter.

Tell us – what kind of millionaire will you be? #RaiseTheBar

*T’S & C’S:


The much anticipated Grand Finale of Top Model South Africa (TMSA); the premier model search in the country , will be hosted on the 18th of February 2017 at Carnival City in the Big Top Arena.


TMSA is by far the most prestigious platform for new models to be discovered in South Africa. Apart from the opportunity to be spotted and signed by various top agencies locally and internationally, the winners (one male and one female) will also compete in London for the international title, Top Model Worldwide.


The latter immediately elevates Top Model South Africa to a global platform. The two winners will also be invited to London Fashion Week, a highlight on the international fashion scene.


Last year’s female winner, Anri Pretorius, went on to win Top Model Worldwide, which has subsequently catapulted this high fashion beauty into an international model. She has since signed with Boss Models in South Africa and Base Models in London, and has featured in many prestigious modelling gigs around the globe.


The latter includes walking in one of the most celebrated fashion events in the world, London Fashion Week. Last year’s male winner, Evan van Soest, has signed with Ice Models in South Africa, LST Models in the UK as well as Base Models in the UK.


One of Evan’s latest accolades includes a major editorial spread for Maxim Magazine. “This year’s Grand Finale promises to be the biggest and most glamorous one yet”, says Suzette Marais, CEO of Top Model South Africa. “Apart from being hosted in the spectacular Big Top Arena at Carnival City, the production will also be managed by Producer/Choreographer Willie Venter, and will showcase designs by fashion designers: Sun Goddess, Gerry Elsdon, Matte Nolim, Gerrit Pienaar, Michael Ferguson and Gina Maxine”.


The TMSA Grand Finale is set to be one of the most talked-about model events of 2017, filled with red carpet splendour, breath-taking fashion – attended by A-list celebrities and top media alike.

Corona SunSets Festival Brings The Magic To Jo’burg


Corona SunSets features more than eight flagship festivals and close to 4,000 events of various size and intimacy worldwide, celebrating the exhilarating transformation that takes place around the world at sunset.


 Gear up Jo’burg, Corona is about to bring you the sexiest and smoothest of festivals! Hot on the heels of the Cape Town edition, Corona SunSets is set to bring its magic to Johannesburg on Saturday, 1st of April 2017 at Ground, Muldersdrift.

 Jo’burg may not have an ocean view, but nothing beats a gorgeous sunset, and ocean or not, this particular sunset is guaranteed to be one for the books. Add some of the world’s freshest music, in a venue that’s hard to beat, and you have a festival that will be host to the who’s who of Jozi’s urban culture.

Venue:  Ground, Muldersdrift.

Start time: Midday – Midnight (be sure not to miss the SunSets moment!)

 As with all Corona festivals around the world, this event will feature two dance floors, The Crown and Griffin Stages, each with its own unique and scintillating lineup.

The Crown Stage will feature:

  • Robin Schulz
  • Gorgon City
  • Kentphonik
  • Culoe De Song
  • Black Motion
  • Timo ODV
  • Sketchy Bongo
  • Aewon Wolf
  • Kyle Deutsch
  • Tresor
  • Strange Loving
  • The Kiffness
  • Pop Art Live
  • The Milk Bar Kid

Griffin Stage:

  • Lovebirds
  • Jazzuelle
  • Da Capo
  • Lulo Cafe
  • Phat Jack
  • Julian Gomes
  • Ricky H
  • Tomorrows Will
  • Chris De Vos
  • Kid Fonque

All of the following amenities will be available too:

– Food vendors

– Market

Tickets are on sale from Tuesday, 31st January and ticket prices are as follows:

(NOTE: each ticket tier has a limited number of tickets, and when those run out the ticket price will increase)

R250: Sunrise              (Sold Out)

R350: Sunshine            (Now available and Selling out fast)

R450: Sunset               (Phase 2)

R550: Eclipse               (Phase 3)

Tickets are exclusively available from www.coronaextra.co.za

Follow #CoronaSunSetsZA for more information.


The Authentic Mexican Beer Has Arrived On South African Shores

The free-spirited, authentic Mexican beer is here! Sol, the truly independent and adventurous global beer has hit our shores, just in time for summer. Inspired by the rising sun and the celebration of “Espiritu Libre” – the spirit of freedom – this refreshing beer is sure to make its mark in South Africa.

“South African consumers are seeking adventure and are looking for a beer that allows them to explore new tastes and support their thirst for self-expression and individualism. Enter Sol. Free-spirited and adventurous, Sol is sure to make an impression with those looking for a little bit more,” says Marcel Swain, Marketing Manager for New Brands at Heineken® South Africa. “We are thrilled to bring Sol to South African beer fans!”


This gift from the heart of Mexico brings with it generations’ worth of knowledge and expertise in beer brewing. Sol’s journey started in a brewery near Mexico City in 1899. Named in honour of a beam of light shining through the roof – Sol, the Spanish word for “sun” – Sol is brewed with the supervision of Cerveceria Cuautemoc Moctezuma with passion and soul for a refreshing taste and bright colour.


It may be a newcomer in South Africa, but with its no nonsense boldness, Sol is ready to make new fans from local beer enthusiasts.

“Sol is a great companion for the summer months. Whether you’re out looking for adventure or simply lazing by the pool, it promises the perfect balance of refreshment and inspiration. Energised by the sun, the iconic, transparent bottle is filled with the charm of Latin imperfection with the Sol stamp glowing confidently at its heart, captured inside and outside the bottle. Kick-back, taste and savour ‘Espiritu Libre’,” concludes Swain.

Sol is available at leading retailers nationwide. Recommended Retail Prices: R79,95 for a 6 pack and R289,95 for a 24-bottle case.


For more information, visit http://www.theheinekencompany.com.