Velvet Lounge in Maboneng became a world stage when Miranda launched her single – Lendoda. Miranda Mokhele Ntshangase who was born in the Free State released her first album during the fall of 1987 called New Beginnings. She has been doing acting and presenting shows and decided it is about time to tackle the music industry with her breathtaking voice.

She rose to fame when she appeared on Tshisa as Latoya who was a presenter, she also appeared on Sokhulu and Partners, Mthunzini.com, Rhythm City and Mzansi Magic’s – Zabalaza amongst a few.

Getting the chance to watch her perform I must say that it has been a very enthralling experience. Miranda will take you on a very magnificent musical journey as her voice intertwines with your soul.

This is what she has to say about her new single, her life as an actress and musician and her future endeavors:

  1. Can you just tell me what attracted you to music?

Originally I studied music but somehow my path took me to acting. In this case, acting was my second nature, it was something I liked. I realized now that God was trying to prepare me. The whole time I was trying to push for my music and God was like to me “take your time and write your material”

2. Please tell me about Lendoda. What is the whole inspiration behind this amazing track?

Well, it is actually a song that I wrote about my husband, how I met him and how he makes me feel. Obviously, I embellished a bit in terms of story-telling but in essence, Lendoda is about my husband.

3. The transition from being an actress to being a songstress is somewhat a very huge and risky step one can take. How did you cope with that?

You see, I get that a lot and my answer is always that its not a transition but it is who I am. Music is who I am and with acting, you are just playing a role, trying to fit into the characters shoes but with music it is me, I just need to go back to who I am and what I believe in – be true to the music and who you are.

4. Any concrete advice you would give to aspiring actresses and songstresses that want you be where you are currently?

There is one thing that I always stay true to and that is: DO NOT STOP! I mean, what does not fit someone does not mean it will fit another person. No matter what the case is, DO NOT STOP! 

Here are some of the images captured at the Lendoda Launch: 

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You can connect with Miranda on social media. Here are her handles:

Facebook: @MirandaNtshangase

Twitter: @mirandamokhele

Instagram: @mirandantshangase

Here is the link for Lendoda: http://mirandalive.com/music/

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, charm and gaiety to life and to everything” – Plato