Rémy Martin invited media and entrepreneurs to attend the exclusive leadership event that was at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in Sandown, Sandton. I had the opportunity to experience such an amazing experience.


While quenching our thirst, we had the opportunity to actually get to network with other guests and well, basically getting the chance to create opportunities for ourselves. We were served the Rémy Martin VSOP, 1738 and XO which has a very splendid taste!


I actually had the opportunity to interview the faces of Rémy Martin – Sylvester Chauke and Madoda Khuzwayo about the whole Rémy Martin experience, their future goals and what we can anticipate from them:




  1. You have been through a lot but you still made things happen. What propelled you? 

    Having a dream. A big dream that you strongly believe in will propel you forward even when times hard. I learned quite early in my life that my current circumstances are nothing just part of the journey. I have to keep working and believing.

  2. What was your greatest challenge? 

    In general, most life challenges are either won or lost in your mind long before the results manifest in real life. The biggest challenge for me was figuring out how stop the voices in my mind that keeps telling me to give up and mostly how to ignore everything else around you (including your closest friends) and focus on your dream regardless of the pain and frustrations you are going through.

  3. What don’t you regret about your journey? 

    I have no regrets. Everything and every encounter in my journey has been a building block to create the man I am today and I am happy with the progress so far. Of course some days I look back and wish I could have done some things different but you know what? You can’t change your past! So just forget and forgive yourself and move it. You should only be concerned about today. Life is live, one second at a time.

  4. Please enlighten me about your collaboration with Rémy Martin. How has the experience been for you thus far? 

I am the Face of Rémy Martin and one of the lead features on the “One Life. Live Them” campaign. The campaign is centred around the concept of individuals using their one life to do many things and rode on the notion that we are all called and purposed to do and be more than one thing. It therefore aims to encourage people to live their lives to the fullest.

  1. Your favorite quote to date? 

“Dream big and work insanely hard” – David Beckham




  1. What actually inspired you to move forward?

In all honesty, all of life is about moving forward. I believe I am here for a reason and until U get to achieve all that I am set out to achieve, I have to keep moving. 

2. What was your greatest achievement as a leader? 

Personally seeing my siblings through university was incredibly important to me and I see that as one of my most special achievement. 


Professionally, I get to lead many people on a daily basis and seeing them blossom into fantastic professionals is one of the most awesome gift ever. I believe that leadership is about serving people and assisting them achieve the greatest potential.

3.  How has your experience with Rémy Martin been thus far? 

My experience with Rémy Martin has been reinforced what I have always believed, that we need to express our truest selves to be our best selves. It has been an honor to be the champion of the philosophy of #OneLifeLiveThem alongside one of the most interesting and rich brands in the world. I walk away with so much more from the experience. 

4. Any advice you would give to upcoming entrepreneurs? 

There is so much to share but one thing that overaches many is that the journey of an entrepreneur is a long one and as much possible ensure that you are connected to the right intention of why you started and along that, ensure that you are taking people with you and growing them to achieve great things. If the journey does not impact on other people outside of “money”, review, relook and realign because what we do is bigger than creating employment, it is about making the most of our time here. 

5. Your favorite quote to date? 

“Stand against bland” 

It has been recurring for decades in my life. It inspires me everyday 



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“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” Nolan Bushnell


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