Presenting Amateur Thursdays: Poetic Sessions

THIS IS FOR YOU! You have the creative artistry gifts and have nowhere to showcase your talents? Well, that has all come to an end as I introduce what I call Amateur Thursdays on my blog where I will provide a platform for upcoming individuals with a talent of their own.


This segment will be open to all you upcoming designers, poets, chefs, rappers, singers and whatever knack you have been graced with! Each Thursdays I will feature an individual in every industry but with the talent that will somewhat blow all of us away (me too, obviously).


To kick off Amateur Thursdays, we will start off with some poetry. Something that will keep you at ease and provide you with some poetic sensation to soothe your inner soul with amazing words written by a talented individual of note.


Poet: Rudo Mathivha



My final slumber inclination

They say “life’s a journey” and I know the destination,

And that destination is fatality.

In my living moments

Journeys I have planned

And destinations I reached

Harsh and quiet wonders I captured

In pictures, heart and brain.

The journey of life is bizarre

It is never really planned

The end is chosen for you.

When my existence ends;

You will put in satin and silk

When I ever slept in is linen

You’ll beautify my room with bouquets of seductive scents

When I lived flowers I seldom received

Harsh make-up you’ll smear me with

A sight in my life never seen

You say I will eventually rise

If so then;

Put the shoes I really adored

So when I walk I display events of my youth

Swathe  me in a black gown

The color I have a found life and peace

Drench me in “Lady Million or Lacoste Pink”

So that when I wake I am me.

My desire

Please minimal make-up.

My wreath let it be hydrangeas, peonies, tulips and snow queens.

Then in peace I shall rest.


You can connect with Rudo on Twitter:

Twitter: @msrudz


Artistic self-indulgence is the mark of an amateur. The temptation to make scenes, to appear late, to call in sick, not to meet deadlines, not to be organized, is at heart a sign of your own insecurity and at worst the sign of an amateur.” – Harold Prince


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