Night Out For 2 Promotion With Silverstar Casino

Ever wanted to take your partner out on a date but are not to sure where to take your partner? Well, rest-assured because Silverstar Casino has got you sorted out with their Night Out For 2 promotion, that will not make your date amazing but absolutely memorable.



Movies@Silverstar Casino

You can catch a movie with the Night Out For 2 Promotion to start of your date. Silverstar Casino has installed a Movie theatre with state of the art surround sound and humongous screen to give you the best picture with watching a movie with your partner! The theatre is a 300 seater, which makes it the best in the West Rand to date. Movies@Silverstar Casino will bring out the movie in you!


Ten Pin Bowling at Magic Company

After watching a movie, its time for you to let go and go for some bowling before including in any restaurants that serve nothing but the enthralling dishes. Silverstar Casino prides themselves with their Ten Pin Bowling situated at the Magic Company. You can still go and knock out some pins over a great laugh.



Done bowling? It’s time for you to feed your craving, with over 6 restaurants to choose from such as Vigour and Verve, Silver Arrow SPUR, Carlito’s, Billy Gee, Black Cherry and Publicity, why wouldn’t you want to indulge yourself in such amazing restaurants and take your partner on an unforgetable date ?


Looking at the restaurants:

Vigour and Verve 


Vigour & Verve is a bistro style restaurant, which offers guests a welcoming and homely ambience in a beautifully designed space.

For the Night Out For 2 Promotion V&V will offer chicken and mushroom fettuccine with a mustard cream sauce and parmesan and a pizza which will be a monument pizza with traditional boerewors and avocado, it is very South African as the ingredients are very unique.

Silver Arrow SPUR 


Silver Arrow Spur at Silverstar in Johannesburg is a steakhouse restaurant with a variety of delicious menu offerings. The menu features classic beef burgers, steaks and ribs, as well as salads, chicken, seafood and vegetarian options.

The Night Out For 2 Promotion Spur will be serving their chicken or beef patty with either a mushroom sauce or cheese sauce (for you to choose at your convenience) with fried chips and onion rings with lemon as a garnish and of course, a drink to take down this amazing dish.

Billy G Buffet Restaurant


Billy G is an upmarket, family buffet restaurant offering a variety of hot and cold starters, main courses and desserts. Catering for small and big groups, it is ideal for year-end functions, birthday celebrations and romantic dinners. With tempting dishes on the menu that will be sure to satisfy guests frequenting the restaurant on special occasions.

What they will serve at the Night Out For 2 Promotion, is just anything that you will want to choose from their buffet. Anything that will keep you and your date sorted out throughout the date and hey, its great value for money!

Calisto’s Portuguese Restaurant 


At Calisto’s you will discover a menu where the food hints at the pinnacle of Portuguese perfection: superb seafood; incomparable prawns, individual or by the kilo or half kilo; crayfish up to Jurassic Park proportions; oysters; bacalhau and even more Mediterranean seafood classics. The Calisto’s menu also includes full flavoured Portuguese steaks, distinguished desserts and nine variations of coffee, including Mississippi Mud.


Night Out For 2 Promotion Menu: A dish with 3 different combo’s: lemon and herb, mild chilly and lastly is medium-chilly. Carlisto’s also serves fried chips and a salad on the side with the dish. They also have their own range of chilli sauces that will make your dishes even better!


Black Cherry Restaurant 


Black Cherry, boasts the most delectable desserts, decadent smoothies and a variety of coffees as well as wraps and tasty burgers. Black Cherry is the destination of choice in Krugersdorp for everything from ladies breakfast, to small intimate business meetings as well as birthdays and book clubs.

Black Cherry also offers its coffees, cakes and home-made biscuits on sale to public. However you take your coffee, be assured that Black Cherry will offer you the finest coffee in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.


Night Out For 2 Promotion Menu: They will be serving a Black Cherry burger and a southern fried chicken and their desert will be the apple-tart with some scoops of ice cream to give you that taste of life.




Publicity Bar & Grill is the perfect place to grab a few drinks with friends after a long day at work, or to sit and watch your favourite sports team on the big TV screens while snacking on some homemade biltong.


Night Out For 2 Promotion: After indulging in some real good food, trust Publicity to take care of you with their wide-variety of drinks that will make your night out even the best of the best!



You probably wonder how much all of this will cost you, you might think that its rather expensive but worry no more because it will cost you only R350 and when you sign-up you will get a 65% discount and 50% off discount to the general public during the 1st and 31st July 2016, at any day, any time!


Offer is valid from the 15th July to the month of September! Terms and conditions do apply. 


“West Rand’s Number One Entertainment Destination” – Silverstar Casino




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