Modish Monday: Tiyas King – Swaziland’s Very Own RnB Star!

The genre – Rhythm and Blues (better known as RnB) has been taken to greater heights in Africa as Tiyas King – the “King” of RnB proves that with his rather enthralling voice that will send your soul on a magical journey! Tiyas King has been certified as the next big sensation in Africa!


I had the opportunity to confabulate with such an amazing singer, who in essence has 3 albums under his name and is a multi-award winning artist. This is what he had to say about his career, Fashion and his work:


Who is Tiyas King? A brief background will do.

Tiyas King is a multi-award winning RnB artist from the Kingdom of Swaziland, who is now in the early phases of taking his music to the rest of the region. To date, I have produced three bodies of work namely: Love Chronicles, Lies The Truth and Hello Sunshine (being the latest piece of my work). 


Please tell me about your latest album, what makes it discrepant?

What makes the Hello Sunshine album something different in the market is the perspective and approach I have tackled the story-telling of the project from the first to the last song, it is a story of one man’s journey in love. The project starts up-beat having little or nothing to do with love, and as we come out of the ‘night’ and into sunshine, the music moves from music commonly associated with the night life, to RnB and a more mature sound. It is truly a masterpiece which showcases the range of my artistry. You will hear electro, hip-hop, and soft rock all interpreted in RnB. 


How do you define your sense of style?

In all honesty, I am not entirely sure I have a defined style. I usually go with what is comfortable and clean. I do, love wearing layers and a mix of textures, so I would love a piece that has denim and leather.  


What inspires your Fashion sense?

My sense of style is defined by being a classic man. Every look, whether it be formal or streeet style, it must be timeless. Simple and clean is always my default. 


You have been in the industry for a while now. What are some of the challenges that you have encountered?

I would say what has changed in the industry from my own perspective is the methods of marketing your brand, whereas before sharing your music was harder because you had to do door-door, person-person sales but now social media has allowed us to reach further faster from your gadget. You can share your music, your performances, your experiences and blogs, all at the touch of a button on your phone. If also say another change our region has undergone is what I would call African Empowerment where more and more of our people are consciously choosing to support local music than that of artists from overseas. There is less judging and more of acceptance. 


What is your take on the Fashion industry? What do you think will be the trends for this season?

Honestly, as far as Fashion goes I am no guru, what I can say is that classic and clean never die out. This winter we can expect to see the layering and mixing textures. The grey’s, blacks and off-whites with a dash of color are always a safe combinations one can play around with. 


Any fashionables that you look up to?

As far as Fashion icons go, I enjoy David Beckham’s dress sense. Schick is the correct word to describe him, it is simply royal. 


Any future endeavours?

I endeavor to look back at myself today and be shocked to see how far I have progressed. This progress should be multi-dimensional. Every single aspiration should grow. Musically, I want the brand that is Tiyas to be known in places I am yet to travel, I want to work with at least one artist from every country with my region. 


Your advice to upcoming singers/songstresses?

My advice to upcoming artists is: Surround yourself with nothing but positivity, energy and remove the negative without fear and compromise. I am yet to see an artist grow by surrounding themselves with people who do not believe in his/her talent. I would also say invest more in the planning stage and self-development stage. 


 Tiyas King proves that hard work and determination will absolutely take you places, an inspiration to upcoming singers and the hope to those that are slowly penetrating the industry, with their magical voices! RnB has been resurrected by Swaziland’s very own – Tiyas King!


Connect with Tiyas King on the following social media platforms:






Check-out his album on iTunes, by clicking the link below:


It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God, your playing does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking, so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within us” – Marianne Williamson



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