The Smirnoff Raga Bolo Championships: The Finals

It was that time for teams to take onto each other in order to be named victors of the Smirnoff Raga Bolo Championship, with selected teams that made it through to the finals it was all about endurance and well, giving it their best in taking the grand prize – being named the champions!


Situated at Wanderers Stadium, in Sandton, it was time time to kick-start the finals. The stadium, which was draped in red and white (the official Smirnoff colours) brought life to the stadium and spectators wearing the team’s attires, with vuvuzela’s making an echo and screams penetrating the stadium as the teams took on each other.


The winners of the tournament will receive R100 000 cash and a big bash to celebrate their success, hard-work and dedication that they put into being crowned as the victors (talk about a real win!)


During the tournament I spoke to some of the Kings to hear what they have to say in regards to the teams that made it through to the finals and this is what one of them (Stanton Fredericks – who is currently with Bidvest Wits FC and also the current Smirnoff King):

What do you think of the Rago Bolo experience?

It has been a great experience for the past 7-8 months. Firstly, I learnt to dribble in the streets and well, it has been great to take it back to the streets and throughout the experience I have been able to see the best talent in South Africa. 

Since you have been a Smirnoff King, what has it done for you?

It got me around the world and I also had the chance to witness different talents from across the globe. Being a King has also given me the opportunity to interact with my fans and for them to do the same with me as well. 

What advice would you actually give to aspiring soccer players?

Well, I would say, just do you – you are not always going to win, you are not always going to win games, you are not always going to have things go your way but you have to persevere and just work hard!


Having a chit-chat with Stanton, bought in as to how hard you have to work in order to be the next “Sting” in the industry.


Upon that, I had the chance to also chat to Kyle Lesch, the brand manager of Smirnoff 1818 this is what he had to say:

How did  Smirnoff Raga Bolo come about?

Smirnoff is a brand that is all about inclusivity and bringing people together, but what brings people together without soccer being involved? Smirnoff used Raga Bolo as a vehicle to bring people together and have fun. 

What makes Raga Bolo completely discrepant from all the other soccer tournaments?

Its because its a five-a-side tournaments, which is all about skills and technique, it’s all about close-controls. Raga Bolo is a street tournament, so what makes is all about the skills that are being instilled. 

What are the future endeavours of Smirnoff?

Smirnoff Raga Bolo will be back next year, bigger and better and getting more people to participate in the tournament. 


Smirnoff prides itself into bringing people together and making them have a very responsible drinking session – Smirnoff products are strictly not for sale to individuals under the age of 18.

“Smirnoff – Exclusively For Everyone “


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