Keeping It Local And Adding Lekker Flavour With Izinto Clothing

Created with perfection and discrepancy, Izinto Clothing is yet to take the local scene by storm with its designs that are created with the aim to provide a brand that will be a memory, when you ultimately purchase this product. Izinto Clothing focuses mainly on caps, jerseys, bucket hats and beanies (with Winter just around the corner, you would want to have a beanie in your life, right?)


I spoke to the CFO -Nombuso Portia Mazibuko- of Izinto Clothing to just find out more about Izinto Clothing as to what makes it to be the best locally.


What is Izinto Clothing? When was it established?

Izinto Clothing is an urban clothing brand, based in Soweto, we have been translating the street since the year  2010.

Izinto Clothing is a local brand. What kind of products do you offer?

Izinto clothing offers a variety of product ranging from T-shirts, bucket hats, beanies, jackets, hoodies, just to name a few. 

What makes Izinto Clothing discrepant from all the other brands?

Izinto clothing target is more web based, we are targeting a wider audience, thus we are able to get hits and sales from around the globe, we saw an opportunity to focus on the booming online market. We also do a lot of R&D before introducing a new product.

Where is your outlet situated?

Izinto clothing is more of an online store than an actual outlet, all orders are dispatched from Meadowlands (Soweto), we courier nationally and also ship all around the world.

Winter is coming up, what will Izinto Clothing offer to their customers?

Izinto Clothing is excited to inform its customers that we are extending our winter range as well as adding accessories to our offerings! They can expect coach jackets from our jacket collection. We are also proud to introduce accessories that we are adding such as: wallets, purses, belts, cuffs and key holders. 

Any idea that you can offer to individuals that are keen on starting their own business?

Best advice is to do what you passionate about, start small and grow your way up, a wise man once said “The harder you work, the luckier you get”.

Where can people interested in Izinto Clothing buy some of your products?

Interested individuals can buy Izinto Clothing products on our website: it’s very easy and quick. What to remember is that we have a variety of check out options including COD, local pickup, and we use Payfast to checkout which is quite simple, includes EFT option or direct payment and most importantly it is very SAFE.


Izinto Clothing prides themselves in some of the products that they create, which are simple yet affordable to purchase. Here are some of their products:

The Bucket-Hat

download (7).jpg

The beanie for those chilly days!

download (8).jpg

One of the models, wearing the Izinto Clothing t-shirt

download (9).jpg

The dashiki, created proudly by Izinto Clothing

download (10).jpg


Should you be interested in any of the Izinto Clothing products, then you can simply head to their website: for SAFE and affordable prices!


You can also connect with them on their social media platforms:

Facebook: Izinto Clothing

For any queries email them on


“Easy Into Soweto Realest.” – Izinto Clothing 



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