The Samsung SUHD TV Launch

Samsung has indeed, taken its toll into bring nothing but exquisite and [sophisticated] products to the table and that was what they delivered exactly at the SUHD TV Launch situated at the gorgeous and laid-back – Level Three – in Kramerville.


You are probably thinking what makes this television discrepant from all the other televisions that they have created, such as the Samsung SMART TV. Well, in essence the Samsung SUHD TV is nothing like the ordinary, it is actually the future television to transform your viewing pleasure!


The UHD from ‘SUHD’ is in essence the industry term for Ultra High Definition, in this case it is the most popular way to say ‘4K’.Samsung states that with the Samsung SUHD you will experience excellence of their best 4K SUHD TV picture yet – delivering stunning vivid, authentic and dynamic images like you have never seen before (need I say more about this amazing television?)


The television which has a curved design that gets you drawn in every image. Watching television has never been this great as Samsung proved all odds creating a television that is the BEST Samsung ever to date!


Samsung prides itself with the television under the ‘SUHD’ name and I must say that I just couldn’t help but be taken on another level with a television that will not only bring you amazement into your living room but QUALITY viewing pleasure!


“A Quantum Leap In Picture Quality” – Samsung 





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