Modish Monday: Michaella Russell Chats To Modish About Fashion, Being An Actress And Everything Arty!

Michaella Russell is an actress, MC, personality and student (to some of those that did not know). She is an individual, that I can say owns the Fashion Avenue with her retro-chic style. Michaella has been gracing our television screens with her beauty and well, her extraordinary talent.


I had the opportunity to confabulate with this rather amazing and Modish individual about Fashion. A person that actually knows about art, photography and Fashion, I had to find out what actually makes her to be so Fashionable:


Who is Michaella Russell? What kind of woman is she off-screen?

I am a 24 year old actress/ MC/ Presenter/ Psychology student/ Yoga teacher/ Theatre-academy participant. I am passionate about conservation, animal rights and human-equality, I am a down-to-Earth kind of person who far prefers being outdoors and active to putting on makeup and heels and going out. I have a burning need to touch people’s lives in such a way that I am able to give them something positive from doing so, this is one of the reasons why I love acting, I reach many people with the stories that I am lucky enough to tell and hopefully some of these stories resonate with those who bare witness to them, possibly helping them heal or not feel so isolated in their circumstances. I also love learning and growing my potential, I believe being complacent is cancerous; to have the ability and opportunity to learn is a privilege.


As an individual that is always looking Modish. What inspires your style?

My style is inspired by retro-chic with a touch of bohemian and classical accents, essentially my fashion-sense is a mash up of several styles but it is always flattering and functional.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am inspired by my mother, irrespective of how cliché that sounds, my mother did not have the same advantages and opportunities that I have had in my life and she has spent the majority of her adult life, along with my father, making it possible for my sister and I to have broader horizons, she always maintained that a woman should be independent and most importantly that she should chase after her dreams unencumbered by social-stigmas or outdated traditions. I adore my family, I am so thankful for all that they have given me, it is the fuel that has helped to get me to where I am today and that will undoubtedly help me to continue going.


How do you juggle everything that you do? Isn’t it a bit complex?

I juggle studying, performing, teaching and so on however, I believe that all people juggle in different ways and every juggler is bound to drop a ball from time to time yet it is picking up that ball and carrying on that truly makes for an admirable juggler and not juggling with ease and perfection, where is the challenge in that.


In regards to your character on Isidingo – Charlie Holmes. What makes Michaella and Charlie discrepant?

Charlie the character and Michaella the person are two distinct individuals, they talk differently and handle situations differently, their familial dynamics are different, the way they look is even different however there are themes that are constant in both of their lives, there are attributes lent to the character that are specifically Michaella’s and there are attributes that Michaella admires in Charlie although she might not poses them herself. No character is ever completely removed from the person telling their story, every actor allows for parts of themselves to come alive in the characters they play and that is what makes it real.


Photography is one thing that I think a person can express themselves through images. What inspires the images that you capture?

Spontaneity and the ability to find extraordinary detail in every situation even the most boring and mundane, inspires the images that I take.


Who is your favourite artist to date and why?

My favourite artist, well that’s a tough one, there are so many that I admire however the first one that springs to mind is Angelina Jolie, she is talented, bold and dynamic, she stands for what she believes in and never stops growing or challenging herself as an artist and as a person, I believe there is an ocean that I could learn from her.


Recently, bought art piece?

I don’t buy art pieces I make them, I have always loved creating beautiful things, even dark and haunting things, it is incredibly cathartic creating art, my most recent piece was an oil-painting I made that I have since placed above my bed, it is an abstract of the ocean at high tide, my favourite medium to work with however, is charcoal, it is elegant and striking at the same time.


Who is your favourite Fashion designer?

I adore Mr. JJ Schoeman, he has an exquisite eye for detail and really knows how to play up a woman’s best features, irrespective of her body shape. I have been humbled to be dressed by Mr. Schoeman on many, many occasions and on every one I have s felt ethereal in his gowns. My favourite international designer is Zuhair Murad, his dresses scintillate, dripping in shards of glitter or jewels and perfectly synched in all the right places, gorgeous.


What is your definition of Fashion?

Fashion; an outward expression of an inward desire.


Any advice to aspiring artists?

I would say that belief in self and God have been invaluable in my growth as an actor however this is not enough, one must fight for what one wants to achieve in life, nothing of great import will ever just be handed over, hard work, tenacity and a thick skin goes a long way in this and indeed in any industry, also and most importantly, one must learn and grow whenever an opportunity to do so is uncovered, a good actor is a dynamic, well-versed and interesting person, one who is always in a state of self-improvement and self-exploration.


Michaella Russell is yet to own the Fashion industry! In essence Michaella is the next household name and yes, the next personality to reign! You can connect with Michaella on the following social media platforms:

Twitter: @MichaellaRuss

Facebook: Michaella Russell

Instagram: @michaellaruss


“A man’s wins shows his temperament whereas a man’s failures shows his character” – Unknown




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