Apples And Oranges For Nolo Phiri: The Nolo Phiri Range Launch

Fashion was the order of the evening. Guests draped in monochrome (as part of the theme) in celebration of launching Nolo Phiri’s clothing line in collaboration with Apples and Oranges designer Abongile Gwede.


The event that was situated at the World Of Yamaha in the composed suburbs of Woodmead. The event which was hosted by Rhythm City actress – Samkelo Ndlovu – who was looking dashing in a short dress and knee-high boots (I mean, what is a fashion event without the host being Modish?). Samkelo, bought in nothing but humor on stage!


KB (yes, you read correctly, she is back in the industry!) was the performer of the evening, wearing a gorgeous white suit and serenading the crowd with her smooth voice as she performed some of her exquisite songs that sent the crowd on another level.


Aus Tebza who also sent the crowd to heaven and back with her voice a beautiful song from her album titled “Lerato”. While performing this song the models hit the runway in one of the garments that show the exquisite creations of Apples and Oranges.


I had the chance to confabulate with the lady of the evening – Nolo Phiri – about the collaboration and this is what she said in regards to that:


What makes style discrepant?

Nolo Phiri:  Well, look we are selling simplicity and that is more than anything. So, we didn’t go overboard trying to hard, in essence we are about selling sophisticated garments Apples and Oranges is very discrepant and that is what separates it from all the clothing lines. 

How did the Apples and Oranges collaboration come about?

Nolo Phiri:  Abongile was actually dressing me once or twice and I wanted to do more with the line, so basically we sat down and actually empower our relationship, let me power your brand and Abongile to diversify mine. We discussed my style and infused it with the Apples and Oranges style. 

How do you define your style?

Nolo Phiri:  It’s a very playful style that changes with my mood. It is literally about what I feel. I do not like to hide. She mentioned that she always tells people that they must not hide their face that is why what she wears at events she trusts herself (create your own trends!)


Future endeavours?

Nolo Phiri:  Basically, I am launching another Nolo Phiri project, whereby I am going to collaborate with young designers. I am creating yet another Nolo Phiri range where I will I have someone create watches for instance, why am I doing this you ask yourself? I want to diversify my brand and empower young designers as I know that it is complex to penetrate through the industry. 


Style is what defines this exquisite and I had the privilege to interview the founder of Apples and Oranges founder – Abongile Gwede – who told me more about her brand and this is what she had to say in regards to that:

What makes Apples and Oranges? What defines the brand?

Abongile Gwede: For me what makes Apples and Oranges is that it is an inspired space. I think this extends from yes, I will say from the person that I am, I feel like in this world we live to inspire and be inspired. The idiom of comparing Apples to Oranges – the 2 can inspire each other, they can highlight great things in one another without overpowering or creating a hierarchy. Apples and Oranges does in general have that idea of creating greater style. 


Seeing some exquisite garments that she creates, I had to find out what inspires some of her creations.

Abongile Gwede: I do not have any style in particular. I am a creator. Sometimes when I sit and doodle, it actually turns into a pattern and turns into a texture. It is not necessarily for me to marquee myself into some sort of style it is just things that comes into things of creating. 

There are people that contradict Autumn with Winter. What is your take on that?

Abongile Gwede: I wouldn’t say an individual should avoid anything. I think as a Fashionista you can wear what you want and when you want to. Apples and Oranges says that if you feel you want to burn in your trench coat, then go ahead. As Abongile, I feel as if you look at coat and it smiles at you and said “wear me”, then do not hesitate. 

Do you think is defined by what they wear?

Abongile Gwede: Not defined, which is a bit too deep because self-definition is a lot deeper than that but what you wear does highlight your mood and this mood can extend towards a general attitude and a personality. A mood on one day – you are feeling happy, you might find yourself wearing something with of bright colour. 


The Apples and Oranges is yet to be the best fashion line to take the Fashion Avenue by storm. Apples and Oranges x Nolo Phiri is a line bringing in simplicity, style and sophistication!


In order to get the latest clothing of Apples and Oranges x Nolo Phiri Range, you can check it out on their website:


“I am an existing brand, I would like to be known more than an actress to people” – Nolo Phiri




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