Who said that being a bartender is easy? Who said that being a bartender is all about the gorgeous guys (or girls for that matter) surrounding you at the bar as you strut your stuff?

Well, think again because all of the above mentioned is just a cherry-on-top because being a bartender is a lot of hard-work that requires your undivided attention, a good suit and of course, a fair respect of alcohol.

On Tuesday, I was invited at the #WorldClass media launch where everything about bartending was the order of the day! Seeing, a bartender at the bar, you might actually think that it is not one of the ‘paramount’ occupations but hey, it is actually one of the most demanding jobs to date. Lets look at this, what could the bar be without a bartender? Pure catastrophe, right? That is why we need our bartenders to serve us the best drinks that we can ask for!

In general, bartenders are very unique individuals, they love to fun (mixing that mouth-watering drink is their passion) and what is a bartender without [him] sipping a drink that he creates?

Ray – who owns a bar of his own and was once a bartender states that his aim is to change the lives of bartenders – in a more simplified context he actually does one-on-one mentorships and what more, can you ask for than to be mentored by a person that has been in the industry for such a long time?

A bartender is the owner of the bar and your boss throughout the night! Let the bartender create the best drinks for you (as usual) and of course, the bartender is your entertainment for the night!

“The Purpose Of The Wordclass Is To Help People Care About What They Drink , How And Where They Drink Fine Spirits (Wherever In The World) In the Same Way They Do About Food.”




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