AJ Apple: The New King Of Rap To Reign!

Andile Snethemba Jwara (known as AJ Apple to his fans) is the next big thing to hit the trap scene. Only 19 years of age (yes, you read correctly) he is climbing the ladder of rapping and is taking it to another level. After meeting and interviewing  this talented lad, I had to find out what makes AJ Apple.

Growing up in the streets of uMlazi, he always imagined himself as a very established rapper and it seems like he has found himself. While living in harsh conditions when he was residing in uMlazi, Kwa-Zulu Natal that did not change his attitude towards wanting to achieve greatness.

After dropping out of Grade 10 (due to unforeseen circumstances) he decided to pick up his game and put AJ Apple on the map. While with his childhood group – Trap Lordz – his talent was discovered by Themba of Boss Entertainment and offered him the opportunity to sign him and he was overwhelmed by the opportunity, he seized it with both hands that put down words of his amazing lyrics on paper.

Now, with Boss Entertainment he made his way to Johannesburg to make a name for himself. Looking up to the legendary rapper – AKA – who inspires him highly has actually transcended him to a great artist.

AJ released a single track called Phihli Phahla, a very funky tune that bring out the realness in him. He mentioned that that the inspiration behind the song was to create a ‘turn-up’ song. He recalls bringing in an old chorus that he wrote and channeled it to bring out the beautifully produced track.

AJ Apple’s alter ego is music! His alter ego is another thing in him as music is the best that he knows inside-out right now. Mentioning that music is the only thing that he had, the only thing that will put food on his table. This proved that it is paying off as he took his talent and turned it into something extraordinary.

Having dreams of being international, this young man is about to bring what you did not think that will be bought into the rapping industry. Leaving uMlazi was something that he always wanted, he wanted to see himself painting Johannesburg with his mad rap skills.

He tells me that his mother wanted to see him being a Gospel singer (but hey, it wasn’t his thing) rapping was what he wanted and he sure achieved that dream. He is not only a rapper but a dancer and a singer as well (talk about being multi-talented). He remembers wanting to achieving everything that he always dreamed of when he was still in uMlazi and fortunately enough, he has.

He sees his track (Phihli Phahla) being the next national anthem, that track that will drive the radio waves absolutely barmy and giving you the pleasure to dance until your legs cannot function properly. He mentions that nowadays, everything is about being “catchy” and his track is a very catchy one, indeed.

His advice to aspiring rappers is to have Faith in what they do. Have Passion in what they do. You shouldn’t let people tell you that you cannot achieve your goals. He emphasized that whatever you do have Passion. 

You can follow AJ Apple on the following:

Twitter: @Iam_ajapple

Facebook: AJ_Apple

You can listen to his single – Phihli Phahla – on the following link: https://youtu.be/IgEXmHPHTKA

“I could say that I am a triple threat because I do a lot of things that people cannot do themselves”  – AJ Apple



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