The Glenfiddich Maverick That Possess Power And Innovation: Inga Gubeka

Making your goals come to life can be possible, do not believe that? Well, look no further because Inga Gubeka has made that possible as he has been selected as one of Glenfiddich Maverick at an event that was held in Braamfontein. Inga was given the honour to serve as a Maverick and making a name for himself in the business field. After achieving so much, who wouldn’t be inspired by him?

In 2014 Indalo Décor collaborated with Craig Port during his Summer collection. This happened at Cape Town at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. As the accessories came flooding in the Fashionista’s couldn’t help themselves but drool.

I had the opportunity of interviewing Inga Gubeka of Indalo Décor to get an insight about his company, being honoured as a Glenfiddich Maverick and the power of making your goals a reality.

Who is Inga Gubeka?

Inga Gubeka was born in Engqeleni in the exquisite Eastern Cape and I grew up in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. My education background is in Arts and design but then interior design and a short course in industrial design which specialised in wood making. 

How did Indalo Décor come about? Is it something that you had always visioned?

I established Indalo in 2012 as a furniture design and manufacturing studio but then saw an opportunity in the industrial design space, where you can design and manufacture fast moving goods such as hand bags, clocks, lamps, small leather goods and small wooden goods. I have always had this vision for my brand that it would go big because i was designing unique products.

What makes Indalo Décor discrepant from all the other companies?

What makes us (Indalo Décor) different is that we design and manufacture unique products made from wood. Also the fact that we can do commissions for other brands and corporate.

Most of your products are made of wood. What inspired that and the creativity behind it?

The inspiration behind using wood is because, I am the person who loves nature hence the name of our brand Indalo meaning nature in Nguni.

How do you feel about being honoured as the first Glenfiddich Maverick?

Being honoured as a Maverick is such an honour and a very humbling experience.

Since you received a bespoke bottling of Glenfiddich and named in your honour, what is it that you will do discrepant? In this sense I mean how are you planning on inspiring aspiring businessmen?

I am planning to inspire other businessman to remain focus and follow their passions. Passion goes a long way.

What advice would you personally give out to people that are also looking forward to take the same path as you?

All I want to say some people out there is: “Just try”, success comes from efforts.

You mentioned that you want to create something ‘out of this world’ – what can the world create for you?

The world for me, can create and provide me with life of ideas and challenges for me to solve.

Any future endeavors in regards to Glenfiddich and Indalo Décor?

Yes definitely! we currently conceptualizing and Indalo x Glenfiddich premium packaging in wood. Hopefully by the end of the year it will be rolled out.

What is your favorite quote to date?

“It always seems impossible until it is done” – Dr Nelson Mandela

Here are some of Indalo Décor’s exquisite products:


Love backpacks? Here we see a backpack by Indalo Décor. Bringing in nothing but exquisite taste, need I say more?


Let your phone be protected by nature. Inga’s company also creates cellphone accesories. This is something discrepant. Your gadget will definitely be modish without any doubt.

Let Inga be your new inspiration. He has proved all odds into showing that whatever you want to achieve can be achieved.

You can get Indalo Décor on the following social networks:

Twitter: @IndaloDecor

Instagram: @indalodecor

Facebook: Indalo Decor


‘It is important to be passionate about your work, to have a unique style and to do things differently’ – Inga Gubeka





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