Christopher Jaftha Talks Everything Modish!

Today, we have someone that brings Fashion to a stand still and always sets the Fashion Avenue on fire. He is known as an actor and television presenter for the sizzling Top Billing. He was named the Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Sexiest Men in 2010, Sowetan Live’s Sexiest in 2011 and came fourth in Men’s Health Cover Guy Search in 2014 (need I say more?) – of course, it is none but the forever stylish – Christopher Jaftha.

I had the opportunity of asking him a few questions in regards to everything Fashion and believe me he had some very interesting answers, this is what he had to say about Fashion and everything there is to know about being stylish:

Many people know you as an entertainer but who is really Christopher Jaftha?

I am someone that doesn’t actually like the limelight. I do what I love and that just happens to be where the limelight is. I am a very deep and passionate person and have been described as a paradox. I am deep when necessary but fun, loving, warm and caring. 

You are always seen as a very modish individual, what inspires you when it comes to Fashion?

It has to be Fashion magazines, certain Instagram accounts, Fashion channels, Food, Nature and People as a whole. If it resonates with me, it inspires me. I actually learn from all the above but still make it my own Fashion and of course, Fashion has to come from within. 

Where do you get your Fashion Inspiration from?

I do not relatively get my inspiration from just one person or a thing for that matter. The inspiration is vast from my parents to my brothers, chums and colleagues that know how to put something together while looking trendy, classy and sophisticated. I am not intimidated by Fashion, so I am willing to break boundaries or try new things especially if it appeals to ME. 

After joining Top Billing – how has the experience been?

It has been fantastic! I am meeting so many inspiring people and learning about things that on a normal day I would not have learnt about. It is hard work, yes but if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life! 

What trends do you think will be trending this year?

Living in the 21st century is nerve-wrecking but exciting. I think people’s minds are more open to what may not have been accepted as the norm years ago, leaving room for freedom of expression. This year, I think that trends that will be set is being true to yourself with a flare of the unexpected. Other trends that will become even more prominent is protecting the environment through sustainable Fashion. 

As a person that many people look up to when it comes to Fashion, what advice can you give to Fashionables?

Stay true to you, use what you see and make it your own. Fashion has been around around for ages and we always come full circle, so wear what makes you feel good and do not be scared to take risks and learn from others. 

What makes your style discrepant from everyone else?

I always make it my own and I am never scared to take risks or think out of the box. 

Who is your favorite Fashionista? And why?

It has to be David Beckham and Tom Hardy on an international level. Locally I will have to go with Linda Makhanya, Maps Mponyane and Jay Something. They are all extremely versatile, even being dressed down is stylish. 

Advice you can give to men when it comes to Fashion?

Do  not be intimidated by Fashion, take risks, be quirky and EXPRESS yourself. 

Any future endeavors that are in the pipeline?

I will be focusing a lot of my time on Top Billing this year but hopefully you will see ME in a few feature films. 

When it comes to Fashion, what do you think should not avail in 2016?

Apparently bell bottoms might be making a comeback – it should definitely not avail at all! One  more thing, the moon bag should not make a comeback..PLEASE!

The King of Fashion said it all from mishaps to inspiration! He is still to reign as the next biggest Fashionista. You can connect with Christopher Jaftha on the following social networks:

Twitter: @chrisjaftha

Facebook: Christopher Jaftha

Instagram: @chrisjaftha

Do also catch him on the lifestyle television programme – Top Billing – every Thursday at 20h30 and repeats on Sunday’s at 12h00 as he serves you the slice of the good life.


Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak


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