Modish Monday: The Exquisite Pearl Modiadie

Monday’s should always be dedicated to absolutely Modish individuals and today another amazing Fashionista takes the crown and of course, it is the one and only Pearl Modiadie.

Known as a radio personality, former magazine columnist, actress and former content Producer for Sistahood and now content producer and host of Zaziwa (phew, that was too much to type) – I mean at the end of the day, she is not only Fashionable, beautiful but also an intellect.

Because Pearl is known to always looking exquisite at red carpet events (wait, did I only say red carpet? Lemme correct that, every where she is, there is always cameras flashing!). Pearl, who is 25, has seen taking Fashion to the next level with her discrepant sense of style and actually knows how to keep Style Locked Down!

Now, how about we take a look on some of her FASHIONABLE  moments, yes? Here are the best of Pearl Modiadie:

Here the Queen of Fashion is seen at the True Love event were she wore a killer red number, finishing it off a little touch of accessories to keep her look simple and ravishing.


And of course where there is Pearl the cameras will definitely flash. Here we see her rocking a very simple yet elegant jump-suit. With a bit of detail on it and a clutch to match her attire sure made her attire to blow those cameras up!


At the 4th Street Party she was seen rocking this sizzling see-through number (she just made it look so effortless) showing off her amazing figure as this dress perfectly fits her. The details on the dress just made this be a killer dress that just snuggled her so perfectly!


Lastly, we love her short hair! Beauty at its best. Pearl Modiadie will always reign as the most Modish individual. Should you be looking for something Fashionable then Pearl is the perfect person to look-out for!

To keep in touch with Pearl you can get her on the following:

Twitter: @PearlModiadie

Instagram: @pearlmodiadie



Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.’ – Audrey Hepburn


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