Getting Rid Of Bad Eyebrows!

Eyebrows have taken females to the next level in making them look more exquisite than they are currently! But there are some that just go a bit over-board with their eyebrows.

Let us look out for the following ladies, this is a no-go zone: 


“The Straight Line” – So, ladies, we see a lot of you cutting off all your eyebrows and drawing a straight-line. I seriously do not comprehend why one would literally shave off their ‘brows and draw a straight line, please stop that!


“The Street Hump” – Ladies, should you be looking for so good eyebrows please refrain from the above-specified. You do not take such a risk and draw a “hump”on your forehead, but then again where are your initial eyebrows situated? Ask yourself that question.


Last and not least, “The Highlighter” – Okay, so, here we see a woman who highlighted her brows, which I think that it just makes everything look completely wrong! Never in your lifetime think of highlighting ladies, it is a huge turn-off towards your potentials and of course, a joke to women who keep their brows on a clean slate.

Now, lets look at how you can get some inspiration, to let go of all those bad EYEBROWS! 


Now, looking at the above image ladies, we see everything that is correctly applied, lets name this image, “The Applier”. As you can see her eyebrows are in alliance and just makes everything look so attractive. So be careful how you apply your eyebrows!


Here, we see the “Simplified Yet Exquisite “. There isn’t a lot going on in her eyes, as her simplified eyebrow turns her face into pure elegance. Her beautiful eyes were turned into an accomplice with the eyebrows. So, ladies, do add this on your “Perfection List”

Now, that I have actually simplified everything for you ladies, let us try and stay away from “The Straight Line” “The Street Hump” “The Highlighter”. All women are highly respected but hey, some things should just be a no-go zone instantly!

” I tend to go with a daytime, pretty natural look, but I always fill in my eyebrows – I hate if I leave the gym and my eyebrows aren’t done; I am just very uncomfortable with myself” – Olivia Wilde




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