The Fashion Mishaps Of 2015, Should Not Avail In 2016!

We have started the New Year with a bang and we have sure looking forward to spending with with nothing but pure amazement!

Now, looking back at 2015 we have seen all the baddest Fashion Mishaps (they know who they are) and we are hoping very well that it will not happen again.

If we can look at how to avoid the Fashion Mishaps on 2015 below:

  1. Please do not follow old TRENDS! If you are gonna take that risk that bring something that will “wow”us and not something soul-destroying.
  2. Switch your low-class designer into someone that knows about tailoring and the latest trends.
  3. Don’t be a copy-cat! We have seen those of those at events, something discrepant will do us well.
  4. Do  not mix colours! Know which colours to avoid and bring together.
  5. Lastly, NEON hair!! Can that please just get left behind in 2015, I mean we do not want to see Fashionables looking rather otherwise, right?

We have completed the Fashion Mishaps of 2015, we just need to stay away from them. Let 2016 be the year where you reign as the King or Queen of Fashion of course, always be Modish!


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