Modish Monday: Legendary Fashionista and DJ – Miza Modibedi

Our Modish Monday for this week is none other than the Modish and multi-talented: Miza Modibedi.

After getting the chance of interviewing him, I just had to find out what makes him to be as Fashionable as he is currently!

Born as Itumeleng Raphokane Trevor Modibedi (better known as DJ Miza) and bred in the Vaal, Gauteng is sure the most Fashionable DJ all of time! After finishing his Matric at Riverside High he furthered his studies by studying at AFDA (not just a Fashionista and a handsome face at all). He grew up loving the arts such as music, theater, movies and paintings (and then you wonder, where his love for DJing comes from). Miza is also a fanatic of the beach, Fashion (Fashionista at large), good food and of course entertaining, you, the people!

I had asked him a few questions in regards to everything Fashion and this is what he had to say:

Miza, how do you define yourself as a Fashionista?

Well, I am just a guy who likes to look, smell and feel good. I relatively do not follow trends but tend to wear what I like and when I do. My sense of style gives me my own identity and literally elevates what is really there. I have fun with my body and clothes.

What makes your Fashion sense discrepant from everyone else?

I actually just do ME! I do not try to look like any one else or follow “certain trends”. I try to be myself at all times.

As a DJ, actor, entrepreneur and Voice Over artist, how do you tackle everything in one?

I believe that when something is yours and is meant to happen, it finds a way to you. Everything else seems to fall into place. Sometimes it might mean when other individuals are sleeping then you are up working up so hard. Sleepless nights and busy days have literally become a norm, but hey, it gets done. God engineers everything and I am just the architect that makes sure it gets done.

Who inspires you when it comes to Fashion?

I have been very fortunate to have always been Fashion forward. So I would think up of something in my head, then take the idea to  my very stylish and creative designer – Thabo Allegrezza – and we initially come up with things that will make me look absolutely Modish! He has out of the box designs which makes it easy for us to work together. I also get inspiration from Fashion accounts on Instagram!

What are some of the Fashion mishaps that one should avoid at all times?

If it doesn’t feel comfortable when fitting, chances are it won’t get better. Being comfortable is the most important thing with me. Remember, just because it looks good on someone else, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will also look good on you. Always keep your body in mind when dressing up and dress up for it!

What do you think are the trends for next season?

Wow! I do not know [Miza giggles] – like I said before, I try hard to stay away from being a follower.

What is that one Fashion item that you cannot leave the house without?

That one item I cannot leave the house without is my Miza armband and watch.

Any advice to men in regards to Fashion?

To all men out there, have fun with Fashion. Live it, love it and definitely enjoy it! Do not always play it safe by going for black and white or grey. Think out of the box!

You can get Miza Modibedi on the following social networks:

Twitter: @MizaModibedi

Facebook: MIZA

Instagram: @mizamodibedi



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