White – The New Black!

All White 3

Its that time again. Spring has sprung and bright colours are yet to paint the town colorful but in this case, white for me is the new black and of course, the new bright! White gives a very touch of simplicity to one’s attire making it look nothing but off the hook. Spring has just made its way into our lives (we have been calling and Spring finally answered).

All White 2

Black has been trending in like for years but hey white came and conquered. Black is not really out of style, at all. Have you been invited to a all-white party event and not sure what to wear? Well, look no further because white gives you that “bright” look when rocking it. Since its Spring you might want to keep everything short and sleek!

All White

Rock those gorgeous white shorts, shirt (perfect to match with shorts) and shades (its a definite, right?) and those very hot white shoes of yours that make your best friend go absolutely barmy! Put all of that in one and you are sorted out. Trust me you will look absolutely exquisite and of course MODISH!

All White 4

Let white be the new Black in your wardrobe!

“Women think of all the colours except the absence of colour. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is perfect” – Coco Chanel


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